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Tech-a-Tete Magazine is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in the kitchen of Nomad Staněk's apartment (apt. 96 at Libuse Apartments in Prague).


Technology Trends for the 21st Century

Top-rated Articles this Month:

Where are they now? An exclusive interview with David Sarif: We discus the future with the founder of Sarif Industries.

Stairway to Heaven - Space elevator project to Page Industries' orbiting resort once again on hold.

Looking into the future: Is nanotechnology viable? What did we learn from the failure of mechanical enhancements?

Two Steps Back - Living with prosthetics in a post Aug Incident world.

Rabi'ah - the most technologically advanced city on the planet. But is it for YOU?

Tales from the Darknet - Going ultra-deep in the deep web. A guide to staying anonymous and connected.

Plus, an in-depth, point-by-point look at what the Human Restoration Act really means for you.

This issue's U-Vote Question - Santeau: Savior or Satan?

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