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The Headquarters of Task Force 29's Prague Division is a location in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is located in Čistá Čtvrť, one of the districts of Prague.

Background Edit

The headquarters houses the command center and offices of various members of Task Force 29's Prague division. The headquarters is an underground facility built below Praha Dovoz, a shipping company used as a storefront for the headquarters.

Layout Edit

Street level Edit

The street level part of the facility includes the Praha Dovoz storefront. The storefront offers shipping services to customers and is attended by Marcie Sedlák. From the storefront, an elevator operated by a hidden card reader is used to access the underground facility.

First Floor Edit

The following sections and amenities are located on the first floor

  • Shooting range and armory, managed by quartermaster Aria Argento.
  • Briefing room.
  • IT support and server room.
  • Psychiatrist Dr. Delara Auzenne's office.
  • Forensics unit: the office and laboratory of Daniel Fletcher.
  • Cafe.
  • The infirmary, managed by Dr. Jennifer Philips.
  • The central floor, containing the computers of various analysts.
  • Security office and holding cells.

Second Floor Edit

The following sections and amenities are located on the second floor:

  • Director Jim Miller's office.
  • An NSN terminal, accessed through Miller's office.
  • NSN servers room.
  • Counterterrorism unit: contains the office of Duncan MacReady and the work desk of Adam Jensen.
  • Organized crime and cybercrime units. The office of Vincent Black and the desk of Peter Chang are located in this section of the headquarters. This section also contains the TF29's investigations board.

Gallery Edit

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