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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Task Force 29 or TF29 is an anti-terrorist intelligence and response team funded by Interpol. Its goal is to tackle the rise in terrorism following the Aug Incident. To deal with these threats as effectively as possible, TF29 has global jurisdiction without being impeded by bureaucracy.[1] The task force has divisions operating all over the world including in Prague and Oman.

It is headed by a series of directors. These directors use the Neural SubNet to communicate privately and to plan operations.[2] One such director is Jim Miller, who oversees the Prague branch of TF29.


Formation Edit

In 2028, shortly after the Aug Incident, black market sales of weapons and augmentations, acquired by both sides of the augmentation debate, reach unprecedented heights. At the same time, local intelligence agencies fail to stop a series of high-profile attacks around the globe, by both the augmented and the "naturals". Blaming the failures on a lack of international intelligence-sharing, the U.N. pleads for the formation of Task Force 29, an integrated anti-terrorist intelligence and response team overseen by Interpol.[1] Joseph Manderley is appointed to run it aided by a series of branch directors.

2029 Edit

In 2029, the Prague division of Task Force 29 is sent to Dubai to deal with a terrorist situation. Despite the fact that they are not the closest, the Prague team are informed that they are the only division available for this mission. In Dubai, the team is ambushed. One member believes that they were sent to Dubai intentionally to witness this ambush.[2]

TF29 suspects the Augmented Rights Coalition of being behind multiple terrorist attacks, including the bombing of Růžička Station. For this reason, it wishes to bring ARC's leader, Talos Rucker, in for questioning. The Task Force sends Adam Jensen to ARC headquarters in Útulek Station to extract Rucker. However once Jensen arrives at Rucker's office, he explains that ARC is being framed for terrorist attacks and that the framers are in "plain sight" before being killed by an unknown poison.

Trivia Edit

  • The Prague division currently has 86 agents in the area.[3]




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