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Tarvos Security Services is a private security corporation operating in the late 2020s. The company incorporated in 2027[1] and rose to prominence shortly afterwards when the disgraced Belltower Associates rebrands what is left of itself as Tarvos.[2]


Following a leak by the Juggernaut Collective in 2028, the activities of Belltower Associates on Rifleman Bank Station are released to the public. The public condemns the PMCs involvement in human trafficking and illegal experimentation on the black site. Due to this blow to the corporation, as well as losing a third of its special forces units due to the Aug Incident, Belltower goes bankrupt. A year later, the company sells off its special forces division and fires the majority of its augmented staff. What remains of Belltower rebrands into Tarvos Security Services.[2] At the time, Tarvos had already existed in some form, as it was incorporated in 2027.[1]

Tarvos attempts to distance itself from their Belltower roots. Company brochures insist that none of their corporate or executive-level employees previously worked for Belltower.[3] This claim is contradicted by emails found in Tarvos' corporate vault in the Palisade Property Bank, which mention that Tarvos will be operated by the same management as that of former Belltower, and that Belltower leader Luther St. John-Ffolkes remains involved with Tarvos.[4] Tarvos also attempts to remind its rank-and-file employees, many of whom did previously work for Belltower and thus may perceive Tarvos as a continuation of Belltower, that Tarvos is not Belltower but is instead a "completely different" company.[5]

Tarvos also claims that none of their current employees are augmented,[3] and publicly refuses to hire augmented personnel.[1] Some of the former augmented staff of Belltower joined the Illuminati's Shadow Operatives, who operate Illuminati black site facilities previously owned by Belltower and do not hesitate to inflict casualties on Tarvos at the bequest of the Illuminati. The activities of the Shadow Operatives indicate that at least some of Belltower's clandestine services for the Illuminati were not continued under Tarvos. Nonetheless, Tarvos still services Illuminati-affiliated organizations, including Tai Yong Medical.[4]


Tarvos interior

A Tarvos building in Prague.

Tarvos offers a variety of security services including riot control, civil law enforcement, and surveillance. They also perform personal protection services, risk management, and site security. Tarvos effectively acts as a private police department, but with higher quality control than a government-run one. The company promises to provide the highest quality services by employing the most-qualified candidates globally. Tarvos promulgates a set of principles requiring its employees to exercise honesty, responsibility, perfection, and respect.

Tarvos' Prague unit engages in monthly charity work in protecting doctors and medical personnel in Golem City.[6] However, an internal email from Tarvos' public relations department insists that Tarvos has no active mission or personnel in Golem City.[5]

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and its expansions, Tarvos units are seen protecting the Palisade Property Bank in Prague, Palisade Blade-01 (also in Prague), and the Apex Centre in London. Additionally, they are also encountered at their Prague headquarters, featured in Desperate Measures.

As part of their security services, Tarvos utilize guards, security cameras, heavy duty weaponry, and security touchpads.[7]

Troops Edit

Tarvos fields several type of guards:

Security Guards are the standard of Tarvos forces. They wear a grey uniform, emblazoned with the Tarvos name and logo. They are armed almost exclusively with pistols. These are deployed for most security operations.

Tactical Officers are security guards that wear a ballistic vest (with armor on the right arm) and often wears an armored helmet. They are exclusively armed with combat rifles. These are deployed to the highest security areas.

Agents are a rarer variant of security guard. They wear a white uniform jacket and are armed with a pistol or shotgun. These are only encountered in the Prague permit authentication office.

Exosuits are the heaviest type of Tarvos guard. While they only have a few of these suits, they are some of the deadliest troops among Tarvos' ranks. Their armor is capable of withstanding multiple, high powered, armor penetrating rounds, while their own arm mounted machine gun is capable of tearing its target to shreds in seconds. These troops have only been seen within Tarvos's Prague HQ.

Tarvos also employ armed drones for all major operations, both bipedal walkers and airborne quadcopters.

Beyond these, Tarvos employs two types of specialists:

IT Cybersecurity Guard are the first. IT personnel wear the same lower uniform as standard guards, but wear dress shirts of their personal preference. IT guards, like standard guards, are armed exclusively with pistols. IT personnel are in charge of all communications and cybersecurity aspects of Tarvos. These are only encountered in the Tarvos Prague HQ.

Tarvos Medical Officers are the second specialist. These are dressed with a uniform similar to the standard security guard, but their jacket does not have the Tarvos logo and their uniform color is a much lighter shade of grey. Only one medical officer is known and he is armed with a pistol.

Known Employees Edit

London Edit

Employees in London

London HQ

  • Luther St. John Ffolkes - Leader
  • Missy Johnson - London HQ Medical Officer
  • Howard Knight - Internal Logistics Officer
  • Edward Roundtree - R&D Department

Apex Centre

  • Liam Slater - APEX Centre Chief of Security
  • Keith O'Conner
  • Lester Dobbs
  • Maxim (Shadow Operatives mole[8])

Prague HQ Edit

Employees in Prague HQ
  • Simon Whittaker - Lieutenant/Head of Operations
  • Jackie Jefferies - Senior Operations Manager
  • William Mayers - Operations Specialist
  • Johnathan Lee Clarke - Head of Internal Security
  • Joseph Bates - Strategic Analyst/Internal Security
  • Elliot McCoy - Internal Security
  • Chris Sullivan - Internal Security
  • Patrick Bowne - Internal Security
  • Alan Fraser - Head of Information and Technology
  • Dwight Gibbons - Data Manager/Information and Technology
  • Miles Tardiff - Information and Technology
  • Kevin Carter - Junior Information and Technology Assistant
  • Dr. Sidney Darlington - Medical Officer/General Practice Doctor
  • Ronald Gooden - Security Guard
  • Sebastian Weir
  • Matthew Maron
  • Peter Powell
  • Hallie Wellington
  • Tim Elster
  • Bill Massey
  • Dan Kalan
  • Michael Reeves
  • William Singleton
  • Melvin Harrison

Prague Permit Registration Office Edit

Employees in Prague Permit Registration Office
  • Kraft - Agent

Palisade Property Bank Edit

Employees in Palisade Property Bank, Prague
  • Daniel Janecek - Security Supervisor
  • Ander Graves
  • Clem Tierney
  • Robert Cardinal
  • M. Chassay
  • R. Muller

Palisade Blade-01 Edit

Employees at Palisade Blade-01, Prague
  • Terrence Collins - Security Manager
  • David Johnson - Operations Specialist
  • Gary Mitchell - Security Systems Technician
  • Greg McReynolds - Security Guard
  • Morton Kinney - Security Guard

Palisade Blade-04 Edit

Employees in Palisade Blade-04, Prague
  • Sean Timmins - Security Guard

Bank of Vancouver Edit

Bank of Vancouver
  • Shane Bender - Security Guard
  • Marianne Fernando - Security Guard

Other Edit

Other Employees
  • Sarah Oldman - Global HR Counselor
  • Colin Cunningham - Personal Guard of Mike Bastings
  • Brian Duggan
  • Frankie Burns

Notes Edit

  • The Tarvos vault in Palisade Bank has a list of deployed agents. Among these are the names "Burke" and "Saxon". This may hint at the current status of Pieter Burke and Ben Saxon, and that Tarvos either secretly employs Spec Ops trained augmented soldiers or that they are hunting Burke and Saxon.
  • Lt. Simon Whittaker has a Tarvos Security Award of Merit hanging in his office. It is signed on April 23, 2026 - meaning that the company actually pre-dates the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and was established long before Belltowers downfall.

Trivia Edit

  • Tarvos Security Services has a website,, that is part of a viral marketing campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
  • The name "Tarvos" is a Gaulish word meaning "bull", hence Tarvos' stylized bull logo.
    • This is likely an allusion to Belltower, since it also had a stylized bull for a logo.
  • The rebranding of Belltower to Tarvos mirrors the rebranding of real-life PMC Blackwater, to XE Services and then to Academi, following the 2007 massacre in Nisour Square, Baghdad by a group of Blackwater guards.

Gallery Edit

See also Edit


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