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Tarvos Security Services is a private security corporation operating in the late 2020s. It forms in 2029 when the disgraced Belltower Associates rebrands what is left of itself as Tarvos. [1]


Following a leak by the Juggernaut Collective in 2028, the activities of Belltower Associates on Rifleman Bank Station are released to the public. The public condemns the PMCs involvement in human trafficking and illegal experimentation on the black site. Due to this blow to the corporation, as well as losing a third of its special forces units due to the Aug Incident, Belltower goes bankrupt. A year later, the company sells off its special forces division and fires the majority of its augmented staff. What remains of Belltower becomes Tarvos Security Services.[1]


Tarvos interior

A Tarvos building in Prague.

Tarvos offers a variety of security services including riot control, civil law enforcement, and surveillance. They also perform personal protection services, risk management, and site security. Tarvos effectively acts as a private police department, but with higher quality control than a government-run one. The company promises to provide the highest quality services by employing the most-qualified candidates globally. However, these employees notably exclude those with augmentations. They also insist that none of their staff previously worked for Belltower, in order to distance itself from the controversy of its activities. However many of the ex-military and law enforcement officers that work for them did in fact work for Belltower.[2]

As part of their security services, Tarvos utilize guards, security cameras, heavy duty weaponry, and security touchpads.[3]

Tarvos guards are universally veteran tier, and a small group can easily dispose of an ill-prepared player, despite carrying mere pistols, gas grenades, and flashbangs.


  • Tarvos Security Services has a website,, that is part of a viral marketing campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
  • The name "Tarvos" is similar to the Greek word "Tavros" meaning "bull", hence Tarvos' stylized bull logo.
    • This is likely an allusion to Belltower, since it also had a stylized bull for a logo.
  • The rebranding of Belltower to Tarvos mirrors the rebranding of real-life PMC Blackwater, to XE Services and then to Academi, following the 2007 massacre in Nisour Square, Baghdad by a group of Blackwater guards.


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