Tarvos: Principles for Every Employee is an eBook that appears in the Desperate Measures DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in the corridor between the Tarvos Command Center and the Storage Bay, on a coffee table near the stairs.


- I promise to demonstrate the highest degree of integrity in everything that I do.
- Tarvos promises to be as open as possible to our employees about its practices.

- Unless officially ordered by a direct superior, I promise to take full responsibility for my actions both legally and ethically.
- Tarvos promises to have leaders that will direct you to serve the needs of our clients, abide by laws, ethics, and the local rules.

- I promise to set my standards higher than they were when I was with a military or law enforcement organization.
- Tarvos promises to evaluate you and your teammates on a weekly basis in order to keep only those who pass stringent physical & mental requirements.

- I promise to honour the rights and beliefs of our clients first and my coworkers second.
- Tarvos promises to reward employees for their commitment to our client's needs.

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