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Tarvos: Mission Statement & Company Bio is an eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is located on level seven of Apex Centre in London. The eBook gives details about the company Tarvos Security Services.


Deter. Defend. Deliver

With headquarters in London and offices all over the globe, Tarvos Security Services has solidified its position as the finest private security contractor in the world. No other security company can equal our record of success, standard of ethics, and professionalism.

The company's services include: public & private event security, mobile & static security, personal protection, protective evaluations, crisis management, and surveilance.

Tarvos Security Services prides itself on finding the most qualified employees and treating them with respect. While some of these individuals may have previously been employed by Belltower, no one at the corporate or executive level at Tarvos Security Services has ever worked for Belltower, its affiliates, or subsidiaries. Tarvos Security Services is a wholly owned private company.

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