Leo Jankowski.


Personnel Profile: Leo Jankowski
Position: SOR Resident, Stage 2, Seattle Facility
Status: Active

A top performer, Leo Jankowski has consistently shown an extremely high level of assertiveness, as well as remarkable loyalty and an unusual degree of suggestibility. These traits combined suggest that he is uniquely qualified for a future in military field operations. His physical prowess is exceptional, while his academic achievement can best be described as adequate. His highest academic achievements have all related to biomodification science, probably due to his great eagerness to complete the biomodification process.

Leo’s aggressive impulses must be moderated, as they tend to manifest themselves as overconfidence to the point of arrogance. Because of his ability to physically exceed fellow Stage 2 trainee Klara Sparks, he has convinced himself that he is the “star pupil” of the SOR program. It is hoped that exposure to fellow trainees Billie and AlexD will help Leo attain a more realistic appraisal of his own capabilities.

Because of his interest in military specialization, Leo has been allowed to participate in a limited number of low-level security operations. In the field, he has so far conducted himself in a disciplined and efficient fashion.

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