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Tars is a black market merchant in Prague in 2029. He operates from apartment 21 of the Zelen Apartments complex, the same building where Adam Jensen lives. He sells various types of weapons, ammunition, weapon mods, as well as crafting parts and consumables.

He is the only merchant in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided who sells Praxis kits. Tars has a total of 4 kits for sale: 2 kits initially, 1 more after Jensen returns from the Golem City, and 1 more after Jensen returns from G.A.R.M..

Tars' ShopEdit

On Jensen's first visit to Prague, Tars has the following merchandise for sale:

Item Item Price, Credit symbol Quantity
Combat Rifle 1450 1
10mm Pistol 950 1
Tactical Shotgun 3180 1
Weapon Mods
Laser-Targeting System 1000 1
4x Scope 1500 1
HypoStim Injector 150 2
Biocell 200 2
Painkillers 50 2
Praxis Kit 10000 2
Crafting Parts
Crafting Parts (100) 500 2
Combat Rifle Regular Ammo 300 3
Combat Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo 700 2
Combat Rifle EMP Ammo (20) 500 3
Pistol Regular Ammo (15) 150 3
Pistol EMP Ammo 300 4
Typhoon Ammo (3) 1500 2
Shotgun Armor Piercing Ammo (10) 750 2
Nano-Blade Ammo (8) 1600 2
TESLA Cartridge (8) 1600 2
Revolver Regular Ammo (10) 350 2
Stun Gun Ammo (10) 800 2


  • Different vendors give different prices for different things. Tars pays more for alcohol, tools, and medicine.
  • Tars and his bodyguards will become hostile if they notice you stealing items or hacking things in the shop, though if you block their line of sight with a large object such as say, a fridge or dumpster, then they will not react.
  • Tars and his bodyguards may attack Jensen alongside the nearby police officers if he witness the player taking on the Picus-hired thugs at the end of 01011000.


Said by Tars:

  • "You want Praxis, eh? Biocell, hypostim, painkillers? [...] I sell these things."
  • "Buy something."
  • "Buy now, you won't have to come back."
  • "Fuck off then. Next time, maybe not fuck off."
  • "Блядские уёбки." ("Blyadskie uyobki.", meaning "fucking dickheads" in Russian)
  • "Что за хуйня?" ("Chto za hujnja?", meaning "What the fuck?" in Russian)

About Tars:

  • "Tars is the man. He'll set you up." (Tars' bodyguard)

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