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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Talos Rucker is a humanitarian aid doctor and the leader of the Augmented Rights Coalition.

As the leader of ARC, Rucker brings several groups of transhumans together, amassing considerable power in the process. The power he holds makes him a threat to individuals and groups (such as the Illuminati) who wish to further restrict augmented people. Despite being branded as a terrorist group, Rucker maintains that ARC is a peacekeeping organization and does not endorse violent actions by its members.


Talos Rucker studied medicine in his hometown of Stuttgart. In 2014, Rucker lost his wife and nearly died while attempting to treat victims of the Vilama Caldera volcano eruption in Argentina.[5][6] After becoming augmented himself, Rucker began caring exclusively for those with mechanical augmentations.[5] Rucker later became an influential pro-aug activist, as leader of the Augmented Rights Coalition.

In the early half of 2029, Rucker moves from Stuttgart to Prague, allegedly due to police investigations of his involvement in Neuropozyne smuggling.[7] Rucker establishes his base in ARC's Prague headquarters located in Útulek Complex.

Talos Rucker office

Talos Rucker's office in ARC HQ.

After the bombing of Růžička Station, local Task Force 29 branch director Jim Miller sends Adam Jensen to locate and extract Rucker for questioning, due to ARC's suspected involvement in the bombing. When Jensen meets with Rucker, Rucker is hesitant to comply. Rucker suspects that there is a conspiracy at hand that is attempting to frame ARC for various terrorist attacks.[1] He claims that Jensen, as a member of the Interpol-run Task Force 29, speaks on behalf of "masters who hide in the shadows" and is thus reluctant to trust him.[8] Following his talk with Jensen, Rucker's body begins to suddenly reject his augmentations, and he suffers a gruesome death.

Adam Jensen later discovers that Rucker was poisoned by an experimental substance known as the Orchid. Illuminati member Bob Page had ordered Rucker's assassination when Rucker was getting close to uncovering the Illuminati's inside man implanted inside ARC. However, Picus TV covers the circumstances of Rucker's death, claiming that he had died of alcohol poisoning.


Rucker authored the following books and publications:

There is also an unauthorized biography of Rucker titled Pride in Prejudice.

CASIE SummaryEdit

During M7: The Rucker Extraction, Jensen will have to debate Rucker. His CASIE summary is as follows:

Personality TraitsEdit

  • Idealistic
  • Responsible
  • Demoralized

Psychological ProfileEdit

  • Uses idealism as a shield. Needs to be reminded of reality.
  • Exaggerates his own importance, but welcomes good advice.
  • Conceals insecurities with bluster. Desperate for something to hold on to.


  • If Jensen kills ARC soldiers before dialog battle, Rucker will be angry at Jensen about this, making the persuasion harder. CASIE augmentation will show this as initial negative response level.
  • Due to the stress of being the leader of ARC, Rucker has supposedly "been drinking a lot".[9] Multiple alcoholic drinks can be found in his office.

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