Tai-Fun is a book appearing in Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. In Deus Ex a copy of the book can be found in Maggie Chow's apartment. In Invisible War it can be found in JC Denton's "memory" of Maggie Chow's apartment seen in his sanctuary.



by Lin Yeoh

...The history of the Triads is in many ways the history of modern China. Popular myth holds that the Triads originated as a resistance movement against the Ching dynasty after it descended from Manchuria to seize the capital of Peking by force. When faced with a rebellion in the Fukien province, the Ching dynasty recruited an order of warrior monks who were later deemed expendable by the Emperor and all but exterminated. Survivors organized a number of secret monasteries and became known as the "Hung Mun," dedicated to overthrowing the Chings.

The Hung Mun showed a remarkable political adaptability, portraying themselves as protectors of the people even as they accepted money from Japanese corporate fronts during WWII...

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