This article is about the tranquilizer rifle in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution tranquilizer rifler, see PAX-22 Tranquilizer Rifle.

The TRQ 203-C is a non-lethal weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The TRQ 203-C is a modified version of the Longsword II 203 ERSR, designed to incapacitate humans or other large animals. It is adapted to fire .50 cal PPS darts that deliver a torpor-inducing drug load on impact.

This model of the tranquilizer rifle is fitted with a scope to be used at range and includes a 6-round magazine by default, allowing it to fill a similar niche to its lethal counterpart. Unlike the Zenith ZAP, the TRQ 203-C's darts are capable of penetrating light body armor, so firing at the body of most enemies would still knock them out.

Being designed for long-ranged use, up close the tranquilizer rifle is uncomfortable to use at best and hinderingly cumbersome at worst due to its slow fire rate and lengthy bolt cycle after each shot. Unless fitted with a laser sight, it is also nearly incapable of landing accurate shots without aiming. Last but not least, the basic model of the TRQ 203-C is very, very big, taking up the same amount of space as its lethal sister, thus putting a limit on how many items Jensen can bring with him at any time.

Firing the tranquilizer rifle will cause Jensen to uncloak, rendering him visible to enemy patrols and security cameras if revealed out in the open. Always take cover when firing to avoid being spotted.

Darts are fairly common, but their credit cost is high.


  • Tranquilizer darts do not cause immediate incapacitation unless a headshot it scored. Multiple follow-up body shots will speed up the process, however.
  • The standard tranquilizer rifle has a maximum range of 55 meters, as measured by the rangefinder of the weapon's scope. Targets at a distance greater than 55 meters cannot be hit by the tranquilizer rifle. Therefore, the tranquilizer rifle is ineffective at the farthest distances featured in Mankind Divided, such as when firing from the top of the atrium of the Desert Jewel hotel in Dubai.
  • The rangefinder on the scope can be used to determine whether a target is within range. If a target is within range, a number will be displayed by the rangefinder. Otherwise, no number is displayed.


Elite Edition Tranquilizer RifleEdit

  • Included as part of the Tactical Pack DLC, Season Pass or Deluxe Edition.
    • Compact (5x2) high-capacity semi-automatic variant that features a significantly faster firing rate that can be further upgraded.
    • The Elite Edition Tranquilizer Rifle has a maximum range of only 40 meters, lower than the range of 55 meters on the standard edition.


  • Despite taking up significantly less inventory space, the Elite Edition Tranquilizer Rifle's profile is visually identical to the base model with only a change in textures.
  • If left idle for too long, Jensen will start fiddling with the rifle scope's magnification adjustment knob, though this does not affect the zoom level when aiming back in later.


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