System Rift "You won't regret this."
"I already do."
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System Rift

This page contains information regarding the progress sequence of the System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It also contains lists of collectibles and achievements.

Objectives & XP Rewards Edit

Objective Getting Things Done Ghost Smooth Operator
Go to Zátopek Bar and find Slaw 1950 200 -
Get into Konverz Kafé 500 - -
Activate the holographics system 500 - -
Go to ShadowChild's apartment 500 - -
Find ShadowChild 500 - -
(Optional) Get the desk clerk to help you into the Blade 250 - -
Infiltrate the Palisade Bank 1950 200 200
(Optional) Plant the figurine for ShadowChild 250 200 200
(Secondary) Investigate the Saridakis death in the Blade (4/4) 1000 200 200
Find out which server chamber holds Santeau's files 1950 200 200
Ride the funicular and reach the server chambers 500 - -
(Optional) Inspect server chamber 209 1000 200 200
Unlock server chamber 204 500 200 200
Insert the pass-port into Santeau's server terminal 3150 200 200
Enter the CTO's private workstation 1950 200 200
Get access to the mainframe server chamber
Use the voice sample to enter the mainframe 500 - -
Insert the Pass-Port into the mainframe terminal
Use the NSN chair
Find Pritchard's NSN avatar
Extract the security program from the data towers
Exit the NSN 1950 - -
Escape the Blade - - -


Blade Plaza Edit

The mission begins at the metro station of the Blade Plaza, and the first objective is to locate Slaw, who is inside Zátopek Bar. The Bar is located at the eastern part of the Plaza, and is inside a restricted area guarded by anti-aug extremists. For stealth-oriented players, one possible approach is to jump onto the platform directly north of the restaurant labeled in the map, using either the Klipspringer Jump Mod or by stacking bins. From this platform, you can also access a third-level apartment, which contains a hidden weapon stash accessible by the keycode 1205. Neutralize or avoid the guards to enter Zátopek Bar. Talk to Slaw in the basement. Slaw will back out of his arrangement with Pritchard, but will give Jensen a Pass-Port that will later be used for accessing the Palisade Blade.

After talking to Slaw, Pritchard will then contact you and ask you to speak to him in the Konverz Kafé. Speak to Pritchard in the Konverz Kafé by activating the circuit panel. Pritchard will then direct you to ShadowChild.

ShadowChild is located in a secret room in a third-level unit of the Klímová Apartments. To access the secret room, interact with a painting inside the bedroom to reveal a terminal, which is accessible by the code 8222. Use the terminal to open the secret door, and speak with ShadowChild. ShadowChild will recode the Pass-Port so that it becomes usable for accessing the Palisade Blade.

Next, head to the front entrance of the Palisade Blade. Niko Saridakis will be located at the front entrance. Speak with him to obtain a set of objectives, relating to the murder of his wife Simona Saridakis, that can be completed for the Murder He Wrote achievement.

Infiltrating the Palisade Blade Edit

The easiest way to get in to the Blade is to speak with the receptionist at the front desk. The receptionist will ask for a phrase previously spoken by ShadowChild. Select the option Baba-Yaga 50, and the receptionist will disable the security elements guarding the elevator. Get inside the elevator, and use the Pass-Port to unlock access to the Blade facility.

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Keycodes and passwordsEdit

See System Rift Keycodes and System Rift Passwords.


For a list of System Rift achievements and how to get them, see System Rift Achievements.

Locations of collectiblesEdit

Praxis kitsEdit

Blade Plaza:

  • Right after you exit the metro station, look in the water of a wall fountain on the right.
  • In ShadowChild's secret room (code 8222) at Klimová Apartments, in one of the filing cabinets. Note: You can only get this kit before meeting with Pritchard at the Konvertz Kafé.
  • Opposite the entrance to Klimová Apartments, there are two storage sheds, and above them an apartment accessed via its balcony. The praxis kit is behind the refrigerator (you will need the "move heavy objects" augmentation).
  • Enter the sewers near the Josiane Vin Du Quebec wine store and pass the electrified area. The praxis kit is among the possessions of a homeless person sleeping in a side tunnel.

Palisade Blade:

  • Level 01, Head of Human Resources office, inside a level 3 safe (Code 0622).
  • Level 02, west maintenance corridor, walk through the electrified shaft.
  • Level 03, east maintenance corridor. Break into the small fenced area, then check the narrow area between the wall and the boxes.
  • Level 03, west maintenance corridor, in the gassed room (code 8153), on the pipes near a wall.
  • Level 04, on top of the Client Services office.

Weapon modsEdit

Mod Location
Laser sight In a third-floor apartment opposite the Palisade Blade lobby. Hack a wall keypad (or use code 1205) to access the secret room with a weapon stash.
Holosight Stored in the vehicle near Zatopek bar
Holosight In a locker of the locked storage unit near Klimova Apartments.
Silencer Palisade Blade, level 2, inside a weapons locker.

Upgraded and other Notable Weapons Edit

Weapon Features Location/Notes
Stun Gun Laser sight; fully upgraded; non-standard 80 base reload Found in the basement of the wine store (Josiane: Vin Du Quebec) in the Blade Plaza, behind a refrigerator.
Pistol All weapon mods (silencer, laser sight); fully upgraded (except damage and rate of fire); non-standard 80 base reload Found in a weapon case in the secret room of ShadowChild's apartment. Can only be obtained prior to the objective "Go to ShadowChild's apartment."
Pistol Silencer Found on the roof area to the east of the wine store.
Grenade launcher
Found in the police truck near the front entrance of Palisade Blade-01.


Note: DLC eBooks give XP, but do not count towards Tablet Collector.

eBook Location
Blade Plaza
Silly Short Stories Volume 78 Outside the Zátopek Bar, on a table on the right.
Palisade Bank Corporation: Founders On ShadowChild's desk in her secret room (code 8222). Note: You can read this eBook only before you get ShadowChild's address from Pritchard.
The Konverz Kafé Experience In the basement of the Konverz Kafé (where you meet Pritchard).
Ice Wine On a counter in the basement of the Josiane Vin Du Quebec wine store.
A Better Life in Rabi'ah In the sewers under the bridge near the Josiane Vin Du Quebec wine store. You will need to pass the electrified floor. The eBook is next to a homeless person.
The Inconvenient Aug, chapter 5 On a table inside the Plomboybtžo restaurant.
The Aug Incident Will Happen Again! In the third-floor apartment opposite the Palisade Blade lobby. Hack a wall keypad (or use code 1205) to access the secret room containing the eBook and a weapon stash.
Palisade Blade
Palisade Bank Corporation: History Level 01, Meeting Room 01.
Alli Gatornaut and the Robots of Venus Level 01, inside one of the toilet stalls in the ladies toilet.
The Moment to Fight Back, chapter 5, p.75 Level 01, Head of Human Resources office, on a table in the corner.
The Moment to Fight Back, chapter 5, p.76 Level 03, Break Room.
Mold Fumigation Level 03, west maintenance corridor, on a chair.
Palisade Blade: Security Features Level 04, on one of the desks in the Client Management Department.
HeatEye Sensors After you leave the funicular, before the door to the server area.

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