Located in the Překážka district of Prague just under Adam Jensen's apartment, Svobody Beer features a single bartender Teresa Petrauskas. She will sell Adam Jensen beer for 10 Credit symbol but will also inquire about Neuropozyne. If Jensen gives her some, she will give him the keycode to her basement (1015) as well as allow him to purchase a First Aid Pack for 350 Credit symbol.

The bar is decorated with boats and oars both inside and outside the premises. There are also stuffed animals including an owl and deer on display inside.

Behind a door in the basement is a small storage space that has a concealed, blocked door. This can be opened by pressing a button to the bottom left of the door, concealed by a pile of boxes. The space behind is blocked by a heavy crate.

On the left end of this space, behind a small crate, is an access to the sewers, level four to the South-East of the central area, where it can also be accessed from. On the right end, you can climb above the pipes and find a crack in the wall that leads back to the street, near the church and the metro.


Svobody beer is a type of beer popular in Prague, as it is seen in various places all over the city. The sign on the outside of the bar has the appearance of an advertisement for the brand, but interestingly is also the name given to the establishment.


"Svoboda" means "freedom" in Czech. "Svobody Beer" is supposed mean "Freedom Beer" or "Beer of Freedom", however, proper Czech would be "Pivo svobody" or "Svobodné pivo".


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