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Stanton Dowd comes from old, old money. These days, unfortunately, he doesn't actually have much of that old, old money... he just comes from it. Of course, for a family like Dowd's, "poor" is a relative term. It means they had to sell the yacht and one of the smaller castles, and they're down to their last railroad. Stanton Dowd isn't going to be boiling his Gucci loafers any time soon. Still, it's been a long and rather sudden fall.

The Dowds are also big noises in the secret ranks of the Illuminati... have been for generations. Stanton is no exception, having made it all the way to that organization's mysterious ruling council of five. Of course, these days even being a Prima Illuminatus doesn't mean as much as it used to. Despite being poor, cut off from the seats of power, and just rejectly taken sick with the fatal gray death, Stanton Dowd always retains the unflappable charm and elan of the born aristocrat.

- description of Stanton Dowd to the player, Deus Ex
Stanton Dowd was amongst the Council of Five who led the Illuminati prior to 2052.

Stanton Dowd in New York.


Stanton Dowd was the previous owner of the superfreighter that was commanded by Majestic-12 for the distribution of the Gray Death in the United States, before it was loaded onto crop-spraying aircraft. After Tracer Tong finds Illuminati "footprints" in the genetic information of the Gray Death virus, JC Denton meets Dowd in ruins of a destroyed warehouse in Hell's Kitchen. Dowd, coughing constantly, is revealed to be himself infected with the Gray Death, and JC can deliver him Ambrosia from the freighter. However, even if he doesn't, Dowd still lives and contacts him later in the game.[1]

Stanton Dowd may have died during the Collapse, as hinted by Chad Dumier and Nicolette DuClare.[2]




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