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General Sheppard O'Neill is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


He was present at the Sarif Industries HQ on the night it was attacked by the Tyrants, checking the progress of the Typhoon Explosive System. Vasili Sevchenko, one of the scientists working on the project, provided him with a demonstration of an early version of the augmentation, with which O'Neill was impressed.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • O'Neill is Canadian, as his uniform has the Canadian "Land Forces Command Badge" (white badge with 2 swords going through a Maple Leaf) and also has his Parachute Qualification "Jump Badge" Wings. His Epaulettes identify him as a Brigadier General.[1]
  • Later in the game, if the player hacks David Sarif's computer in his office, they can read an e-mail in which he and O'Neill discuss the concept of a "skull-gun", which in Sarif's opinion would never be viable as a mechanical augmentation. It's a reference to the weapon requested by Gunther Hermann in Deus Ex, which he called a "skul-gun".
  • General O'Neill may be inspired by Stargate SG-1 character, Colonel Jack O'Neill, who is later promoted to General. On the show, O'Neill often says "Thats O'Neill, with 2 Ls". His first name may also be a reference to John Sheppard, the main character of Stargate: Atlantis. Both Stargate shows were filmed in Canada.



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