System Rift "You won't regret this."
"I already do."
— Spoilers for the System Rift follow!
System Rift

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"There're only ten hackers in the world who can [reprogram this thing]. And I'm two of them."
- ShadowChild

ShadowChild is a hacker operating from Klímová Apartments in Prague in 2029. She assists and serves as the Rippers' handler while in the Breach.


Hacking since age six, the enigmatic ShadowChild is a world-class Ripper working to pull off the "hack of the century." By exposing The Palisade Bank Corporation's fortress-like Blade servers to hackers world-wide, ShadowChild will not only position herself as the world's foremost hacker, she will also take vengeance against the man who put a bounty on all Rippers; Palisade CTO and mastermind of the Blades, Masaaki Oshiro.[1]

ShadowChild helped Adam Jensen and Francis Pritchard hack into Palisade Blade-01, causing the Breach in the process. After fleeing the country, she would go on to enlist countless Rippers worldwide in taking advantage of the Breach by helping them infiltrate the Blades' corporate servers and extract the Terabytes of private data within. She also gives them "Darknet Files", humanitarian cases where people go to the Darknet for help in uncovering the secrets of major corporations and exposing them.


  • Although she mostly refers to herself using the handle "ShadowChild", her real name appears to be Bianca Cavaleri, and is used in multiple e-mail correspondences with her girlfriend Marta Romanowski.
    • The name "Bianca Cavaleri" is also an Italian name, while ShadowChild frequently uses Italian words in her speech, suggesting she is from Italy.
  • ShadowChild operates from units 3A and 3B of Klímová Apartments. Marta Romanowski is the registered tenant of both units. Unit 3B appears to have been modified to accommodate ShadowChild's secret room.

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