Senjin Braeden's journal is a book appearing in Deus Ex: Invisible War. As the name suggests, it is the journal of Senjin Braeden.


Saturday, August 30th

My family was once proud and powerful, but after the Collapse the cursed WTO 'regime' changed all that. My father, Eldrin Braeden, fought them, pushing for diversity and civil freedom. But he lost...something I have to accept. He wasn't strong enough. But now my brothers and cousins and I are old enough to carry on the fight--our family is ruined, but we've moved into the underground.

Seeing the world through the sniper's scope, Falen has already taken several of their officers down over the last year, and Sheets continues to spy on their administrators, picking up critical intel data. Lir is keeping a journal of what our oppressors would call our 'subversive' activities. The saddest twist is that Kaleb has broken with the family and now works directly with the WTO. My anger over this betrayal burns like phosphorous. I swear...I will see my own brother executed for this.

We're going to build up a Resistance movement and smash those bastards and their so-called laws of economic prosperity.

Senjin Braeden

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