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"Seattle is home to world class facilities, like the Mako Ballistics Weapon Laboratory and the Tarsus Academies Intermediate Training Facility."
- Deus Ex: Invisible War description

Seattle is one of the cities visited by Alex Denton in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


In 2027, Seattle was one of several american "fortress cities", being under heavy enforcement due to the spiral of economic and civil unrest, rising terrorism, draconian governance and subsequent dissent in the United States.

After 2052 and the Collapse, Seattle chose not to raze its ruins, instead they erected large pillars on which they placed a great platform, on this they would build Upper Seattle, with the old ruins now called Lower Seattle lying beneath it.

Thus dividing the city between the rich above, and the poor below, which became a haven for looters, raiders and those rejected by society, both connected by a massive elevator that carries people and objects between the two parts called the Inclinator.

In 2071, Seattle's WTO charter was ratified to the dismay of many Lower Seattle citizens, making Upper Seattle a WTO-controlled enclave, allowing them to prospere and become the home to world-class facilities like the Mako Ballistics weapons lab (must be accessed by aircraft) and one of the Tarsus academies. While Upper Seattle is largely successful as a result and has a thriving economy (albeit controlled by the Illuminati) most of Lower Seattle still lives in poverty, driving many to join The Order Church.




  • The idea of a platform city divided between rich and poor would be used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution with Hengsha.
    It also somewhat resembles Midgar from the Final Fantasy series.

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