Scrambler IW

Scrambler grenade

This article is about the throwable item in Deus Ex: Invisible War. For the throwable item in Deus Ex, see Scramble grenade.

"Transmits an electronic signal that temporarily causes bots to attack their allies. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode."
- description of Scramble Grenade, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Scrambler grenade is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


When the Scrambler grenade explodes, it will make any hostile robots inside the detonation radius friendly to the player for about 30 seconds. During this time, the robot will attack anything that is hostile to the player, such as the robot's masters. After the 30 seconds are up, the robot will revert back to being hostile.

The primary fire makes the grenade explode a few seconds after being thrown, while the alternate fire makes the grenade explode as soon as it hits something.


  • Throwing a Scrambler grenade at an RB-76 Military bot is a very effective for lethal players, as the robot has enough firepower to defeat almost any enemy in the game. In fact, it can often clear out entire groups of enemies long before the grenade's effects wear out.
  • A Scrambler grenade turns an RB-76 mixed with Templars wearing the Templar V68A power armor into an effective distraction. The Templars will usually be able to destroy the robot, but while the Templars are attacking, the player can sneak past the Templars. More aggressive players can use this technique to soften up or distract the Templars for their own assault.
  • The Scrambler grenade's blast radius is short, so throw grenades directly at robots using the alternate fire in order to ensure that the explosion will hit the robot.
  • Weaker robots are also viable targets for the Scrambler grenade. They usually have enough firepower to get rid of most enemies near them and serve as useful distractions for stealthy or aggressive players.
  • Using a Scrambler grenade against spiderbots is not a very good idea. Spiderbots are weak and it can be difficult to coax them out of the tight areas they are found in before the grenade's effects run out. Plus, the Spiderbomb allows the player to deploy friendly spiderbots at will without having to use valuable Scrambler grenades.
  • Those will the Bot Domination aug will not find the Scrambler grenade useful, as it doesn't allow the player to control the robot themselves. Scrambler grenades also take up space for more valuable items, so Bot Domination users should use other grenades instead of relying on what is essentially a less effective version of an aug they already have.