Main lobby of Sarif Industries HQ

A view of Sarif Industries HQ interior.

Sarif Industries Headquarters is the main base of operations of the biotechnology company, Sarif Industries. It is situated in the city of Detroit and houses research laboratories as well as multiple offices; including the office of the CEO, David Sarif.


David Sarif set up his company in Detroit with the hope of revitalising the so called "Motor City" that suffered greatly with the decline of the automobile industry. By placing the headquarters to his company here, Sarif hoped it would return some innovation and high tech industries to the city.

Sarif HQ labs1

Part of the labs that Sarif scientists work in.

Other Sarif Industries facilities, such as the Sarif Manufacturing Plant in Milwaukee Junction, are given orders directly from Sarif HQ. Most of the company's most important and secretive research takes place in the HQ. For example, the Typhoon Explosive System, commissioned by the US military, was researched and developed here. Sarif Industries' best scientists, such as Megan Reed and her team, work in the headquarters labs. They research various aspects of human augmentation, including how to avoid the rejection syndrome (known as Darrow Deficiency Syndrome) experienced by most mechanically augmented people.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionEdit

Sarif HQ labs3

The labs during the attack on HQ.

At the beginning of Deus Ex: Human Revolution the protagonist, Adam Jensen, is escorted through a portion of the Sarif HQ labs by Megan Reed. Various mechanical augmentations such as the Typhoon Explosive System can be seen being tested.

While Jensen is in David Sarif's office, there is an environmental malfunction in one of the labs. When this malfunction is investigated, Jensen discovers that the headquarters has been infiltrated by an unknown paramilitary group. This group kills any members of staff that get in their way and destroys most of the labs.

Six months after this attack, Sarif Industries HQ has still not fully recovered. Their Research and Development, and Marketing floors are still under construction.


Sarif HQ TechLab2

Frank Pritchard in the Tech Lab.

The building is composed of two adjacent high rises that are connected in the center. Just inside the entrance to the headquarters is a large foyer, including a reception desk. There are multiple informative audio and visual displays in the foyer related to augmentations.

The next two floors of the building are comprised solely of offices. These include the Tech Lab where Cyber Security Chief, Francis Pritchard is stationed, and Adam Jensen's office.

Sarif HQ Sarifoffice3

Sarif in his office.

There is a health and fitness center on the fourth floor of the building, although this cannot be accessed during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. There are multiple other inaccessible floors including six floors of Legal, two floors dedicated to Human Resources, and another six floors of Accounting and Purchasing.

The penthouse is located on the 29th floor of the building. Athene Margoulis can be found on this floor, as well as David Sarif's office.


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