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The Santeau Group (NYSE: SVE) is a European-based development and construction company that specializes in large-scale urban projects worldwide. It employs over 5 million people in 110 countries.[1]


Útulek ComplexEdit

Main article: Útulek Complex

Santeau built the Útulek Complex as a temporary housing to Prague's working class. However, after the Aug Incident the Prague government seized control of the Complex and turned it into permanent housing for unlicensed Augs.


Main article: Rabi'ah

Santeau's flagship city construction project is called Rabi'ah. The company plans to create and assemble the entire city on site using industrial 3D printing. Rabi'ah is advertised to "serve as a global refuge for the augmented, free from segregation and amply supplied with large stores of Neuropozyne" (a drug that prevents augmentation rejection).[2]

Exclusionary WallsEdit

In the United States, Santeau built exclusionary walls around Dallas, Seattle and Chicago.[2]





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