The SH-187 stealth helicopter is a vehicle in Deus Ex.


The SH-187 was developed under the name Project Dibbuk, whose goal was to create an aircraft with superior range and ceiling to its predecessors, in addition to being a stealth craft. The aforementioned requirements were very important to Majestic 12 military operations, which were often secret and illegal. It is known that some of the advanced components for the helicopter were improved versions of Chinese developments in this field.

The SH-187 is the peak of 21st century technology. It is powered by high-efficiency ethanol fuel cells, that give it a flight range of over 9,000 miles or about 15,000 kilometers. In addition, it incorporates advanced thermoptic technology that renders it invisible on 97% of the non-visible spectrum. Thus, detecting the helicopter is an extremely difficult matter. The effect of the system was described by a Chinese police officer: 'its skin seemed to absorb light, like that of a shark in the deep ocean'.

The SH-187 was designed as a multipurpose platform with various mission capability, that can operate in enemy territory for extended time. Therefore, it can be remotely disabled or even scuttled, in case it falls into enemy hands. It can also function as a gunship, and carries LAW missiles.

"As sightings of ominous "black helicopters" become increasingly common across the country, from Manhattan to the SoCal shores, many citizens have grown concerned that these gunships are actually a sign that troops may be preparing to mobilize for some unknown action.

"Certainly this concerns me," said Senator Harry Jarvis (D-Texas), a member of the Armed Services Committee. "I intend to bring this up in our next committee meeting and ask some hard questions."

UNATCO Director Joseph Manderley was more skeptical. "If black helicopters were really being used for 'covert operations,' then those responsible are doing a poor job of it." Manderley went on to say that UNATCO employed no such aircraft and declined to pursue the matter any further claiming that it detracted from the "serious nature of [our] mission.""

- Black Helicopters a "Concern" Says Senator, Joe Greene (Midnight Sun)


  • It is the helicopter piloted by Jock to transport JC Denton.
  • It is possible that the SH-187 is inspired by the prototype stealth helicopter Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, cancelled due to escalating costs before it became operational.


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