The Steiner-Bisley Model 762 Battle Rifle is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The battle rifle is a semi-automatic rifle with relatively high damage-per shot. The battle rifle is particularly proficient at mid-range combat. Once a scope is attached, the battle rifle functions as a sniper rifle. The standard Battle Rifle has a maximum range of 80 meters, which is sufficient for essentially all targets.

The standard and Elite Edition battle rifles do not accept a suppressor. Therefore, they are unsuitable for stealth-oriented tactics. The Lancer variant can be silenced, but the Lancer functions as a bolt-action rifle rather than a semi-automatic rifle.


Elite Edition Battle RifleEdit

The Elite Edition is available as part of the Assault Pack DLC, which is included in the Season Pass and Deluxe Edition.

  • Compact (5x2 inventory size) carbine variant with faster fire rate and higher recoil.
  • Maximum range is slightly higher, at 85 meters.

762-TS Lancer RifleEdit

The Lancer is a bolt-action variant with an integral (non-detachable) scope and very high damage.

  • Ammo capacity is limited to 3 rounds per magazine. Only Armor Piercing rounds can be used.
  • The Lancer is compatible with the silencer. The Lancer and the combat rifle are the only lethal weapons that can use both a scope and a silencer.
  • The Lancer has an extremely long range, greater than 160 meters.
  • A Lancer may be traded for one of Nada Birak's special stocks.

See below for a list of locations.

Gameplay Edit

Standard SB-762 Battle Rifle Edit

The battle rifle is a general purpose marksman rifle with long range, and is one of two weapons in the game that can receive the 4X scope. The battle rifle does good damage to everything, robots included. Its main drawbacks are its high recoil, low rate of fire, and small magazine size. While magazine size is small, dry reload is very fast, particularly with the reload speed upgrade of the Cybernetic Weapon Handling augmentation. The 10-round magazine size cannot be upgraded, however.

Damage wise, this is a very solid weapon. Unarmored thugs, including Dvali, die in a single body shot. Police in light tactical gear require 2 body hits to take down, and armored police require three body shots at point blank. ARC militia generally require 2-3 body hits to take down. Investing in damage upgrades may reduce the number of hits needed to take down such opponents.

Ammunition is plentiful in one sense, but uncommon in another. The majority of ammo is held in fully loaded battle rifles, which you buy or find around the world. The Dubai mission is an excellent opportunity to gather ammunition early in the game, since more than half of the Shadow Operatives there carry battle rifles. Secondly, most of the ammo is located in Golem City, which offers 200-400 standard rounds in typical playthroughs, but is visited only once. Mikael has ammo for sale every time he refreshes his inventory, and is the primary source of 7.62mm AP ammunition. Police and Tarvos EXO-suits also often carry battle rifle ammo.

The battle rifle can function as a smaller and less specialized version of the Longsword II 203 ERSR sniper rifle. Compared to the sniper rifle, the battle rifle has a shorter range (80 meters), but this range difference limitation is negligible since most fights take place within 50 meters. The sniper rifle can be upgraded far more than the battle rifle, and can reach a magazine size of 11 rounds. In terms of reload time, the sniper rifle has faster standard reload, but a much slower dry reload. A single bodyshot from a fully upgraded battle rifle should be sufficient to take down police in light tactical gear, due to its ammunition dealing full damage to all types of targets, while a sniper rifle would ideally have to hit them in the stomach or crotch to guarantee a kill. Against the much tougher armored cops, the battle rifle's normal ammo actually wins out over the sniper rifle's standard munitions, typically requiring one less bodyshot to kill them. However, the sniper rifle is guaranteed to stagger with each hit that doesn't kill, and can chamber far more potent armor piercing ammunition than what's available to the battle rifle. It takes four armor piercing .416 rounds to kill an EXO-suit (the same as the number of .357 AP rounds needed). By comparison, 6 to 7 rounds of 7.62mm AP are needed to down an EXO-suit.

While the battle rifle excels at mid and long ranges, it is comparatively more difficult to use up close, due to its slow rate of fire, low magazine capacity, and high recoil. Replacing the default iron sight with the holosight attachment helps in close-range combat, due to the better visibility.

Elite Edition Battle Rifle Edit

The Elite Edition offers higher damage and firepower, at the cost of higher recoil. The increase in rate of fire make it hard to control, but with the proper investment in augs, Adam can run through a surprising amount of ammunition very quickly, especially if you make sure that every reload is a dry reload.

The main drawback of the Elite Edition stems from the fact that different variants of the same type of weapon are considered different weapons for purposes of inventory management. Thus, when the Elite Edition is in the inventory, picking up a standard battle rifle will place it in the inventory instead of discarding the weapon and keeping the ammo. Since battle rifles themselves appear more frequently in the world as compared to their ammo packs, the Elite Edition, despite having a smaller inventory size, may ironically make inventory management more difficult.

762-TS Lancer Rifle Edit

While the battle rifle can serve the role as a less-specialized sniper rifle, the Lancer strives to be the exact opposite, featuring a non-detachable scope, bolt-action firing mechanism, and very small magazine size of 3 rounds. The Lancer has the highest damage-per-shot of any sniper weapon, but this benefit is partly negated by its slow rate of fire. While other sniper weapons like the Longsword tranquilizer rifle or the Longsword sniper rifle can accept a laser sight to allow aiming without using the scope, the Lancer cannot accept the laser sight.

The Lancer has one important advantage over the sniper rifle, which is that it can accept a silencer, to allow for stealth-oriented tactics. While the silencer reduces the Lancer's damage by 40, the reduction is of fairly little consequence if the weapon is fully-upgraded, as a 60-damage weapon loaded with Armor-Piercing rounds is sufficient to kill any enemy type bar EXO-suits.

Notable locations Edit

Standard Battle Rifle Edit

  • Carried by Shadow Operatives during the first mission in the game (Black Market Buy).
  • After arriving in Prague, one can be found in the boarded-up building to the left of the entrance to the Time Machine (Václav Koller's bookstore). The "Punch Through Walls" augmentation is required to break through a weaken wall in this building. After breaking the wall, drop down to find the weapon.
  • Purchasable from Mikael Mendel in Prague.
  • Purchasable from Louis Gallois in the Utulek Complex. A couple can be stolen from Louis Gallois's shop displays.
  • Several can be found hidden in ARC territory. A few armed militiamen in ARC territory carry battle rifles.

Lancer Edit

  • The first Lancer available in the game is hidden in the Throat area of the Utulek Complex. There is a controllable platform with a control panel. Ride the platform up one level by pushing the "up" button. Then, cross the beam to the opposite (west) side, follow the platforms to the far left edge of the area, and then follow another beam back to the east side to reach an alcove with weapons case containing the Lancer.
  • Another can be found in RVAC Row in the Utulek Complex.
  • Purchasable from Mikael Mendel returning from the Utulek Complex.
  • Found in apartment 95 of the Dvali Apartments after returning from the Utulek Complex. The Lancer is on top of the cabinets above the stove.
  • Possibly found in a storage unit (passcode 7326) with double doors, after returning to Prague from the GARM facility, depending on whether you completed the secondary objectives in M1: Black Market Buy. It is located at the east end of the pedestrian bridge (behind the Police Station).


  • The Standard and Elite Edition Model 762 were based on the Longsword Whisperhead SERSR, while including elements of the real world Mk 14 EBR, with a charging handle similar to those of AR-15 platform rifles.
  • Both the regular and elite versions have "SS-A.P.S." written on their fore-end. Standing for "Sniper System - Advanced Penetration System". The Lancer has this printed on its stock.
  • All variants have "Steiner-Bisley Longsword Whisperhead SERSR, 202ERSR•SN514•MTL" written on a plate on the back of their upper receiver. This is either a reference to the SERSR from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or a development oversight.
  • Jensen uses the "Overhand C Clamp" grip when using all variants of the Model 762. This stance is used to increase control of a weapon and decrease muzzle rise, likely to help compensate for the larger recoil of the 7.62x51 ammo. Although this would be useless on the Lancer, due to its bolt action.


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