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SB71 bot

The SB-71 bot is a bipedal security and patrol bot manufactured by Steiner-Bisley GmbH and appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The SB-71 is used by many organizations, including Prague police, Tarvos Security Services, and the Dvali crime family, as a way to patrol areas and, when necessary, to take out targets. It has a turret located slightly to the left of its center frame, near its camera.

It is most likely the precursor to the Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer considering it is the first bot to move around on two legs.

Strategy Edit

Like other bots, the SB-71 is susceptible to EMP attacks and remote hacking. However, unlike drones, most times there is a security terminal somewhere on the premises that can control them, effectively turning them off or used to clear out enemies.

They are extremely durable, capable of withstanding up to three typhoon blasts on some occasions. When encountered in groups, high-powered long ranged weaponry is recommended. Adam cannot stand up to their guns for long, even with tier 3 rhino dermal armor and maximum health upgrades. It takes four .357 or .416 AP rounds to the center body to destroy them. Aim carefully, or it's likely that one of their many armor plates will absorb your shots. On occasion, they'll be destroyed in only three bullets, but this isn't something one should rely on.

Notes Edit

  • During Martial Law, you can find several SB-71 bots patrolling inside Palisade Property Bank. They are controlled by a security terminal on the third level.
  • Due to the huge number of armor plates and other components, SB-71 yield quite the bounty of experience points. The easiest way to pick them clean, so to speak, is with explosive nanoblades, or - if you're feeling brave - the typhoon.