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Riezene stash in the Skulls' Garage

Riezene is a drug used by the mechanically augmented in Deus Ex: The Fall as a cheaper alternative to Neuropozyne. It helps prevent and reverse Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS), a build-up of glial tissue that blocks electrical signals between augmentation electrodes and human tissue. It is manufactured by Zaaphire Biotech.


Due to strict regulation on Neuropozyne, most biotech and pharmaceutical companies shy away from producing their own anti-rejections drugs, but a critical shortage of Neuropozyne in 2027 lead Zaaphire Biotech to offer Riezene as a cheaper alternative. Zapphire Biotech contacted several LIMB clinics to be included in clinical trials of the new anti-rejection drug. The clinic in Panama City refused, citing patient health concerns from reports of Riezene having adverse effects on users.

Several shipments of Riezene to the area were stolen by Belltower employees and sold to street gangs, who in turn sold it on the black market to desperate mechanically augmented people. A back alley doctor, Alvarez Araujo, synthesizes the drug in his clinic using its active ingredient: Rievido.

Several mech-augs have died from its use; their deaths being covered up by Belltower troops operating in the area.

Notes Edit

  • Ben Saxon can accept a dose of Riezene from Dr. Araujo. He suffers no ill effects and it works as intended, alleviating his DDS symptoms. It is unknown if possible future installments of Deus Ex: The Fall would have shown him suffering adverse side-effects had he taken the drug, like the kind the new Biochip caused Adam Jensen in Human Revolution.
  • Whether Riezene is actually poisonous, was mixed with other substances by street gangs, or was sabotaged somehow, remains ambigious.


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