DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Richard Smallhorn, or Richard the Great as he calls himself, is the leader of a cult that operates in a facility in the sewers of Prague in 2029. He is involved in the Cult of Personality side mission.

Richard thinks of himself as a god. When Adam Jensen first meets him in the cult's base, he talks to Jensen through a giant TV screen which depicts him sitting on a throne with clouds around it. He also delivers an unskippable monologue about how great he thinks his cult is.

While inside the cult's base, Adam has an orange circle around the sides of his HUD display, and his speech is a bit unnatural, as if something is messing with him. Any time Adam says something that Richard dislikes, he will be shut up with a noticeable noise. If Jensen has the CASIE aug, it will be rendered useless: the profile will tell how great Richard is, and the A, B, O personalities will all spike no matter what with no personality known. The only way to win the conversation challenge is to cave in and agree to Richard.

After finding out more information from Richard's old friend Liborio Barbadoro, it turns out they used a combination of CASIE augs with influences along with hypnosis for an old business. The two worked together on stage to give paying audiences the fantasies they requested, but then were called criminals for doing so.

If Richard spots Adam in his office, he will shoot on sight with a handgun. After he is dealt with, an exploration of his office shows it looks like a news room: a professional recording setup that makes him look like a king, several flatscreen TVs that are assumed to show views of the main cult room and such. The eBook "Top 10 Tech... Abandoned Technologies" tells that his work with his past partner was praised in 2025, but was then feared for being too dangerous.

CASIE SummaryEdit

While Jensen is under the influence of Richard's transmission, the C.A.S.I.E. Social Enhancer describes Richard as follows:

  • Personality traits:
    • Benevolent
    • Optimistic
    • Pacifistic
  • Psychological profile:
    • Richard is a great man. His words are an extension of his benevolence; his presence, and antidote to fear. Somehow he has created a space free from aggression, from violence, from despair. The desire to please him is overwhelming. Richard is a great man.

After Jensen disabled the transmitters, C.A.S.I.E. summary changes to:

  • Personality traits:
    • Narcissistic
    • Cruel
    • Meager
  • Psychological profile:
    • "Richard the Great" is a desperate man. His hypnotic visions are a trap, an attempt to make others see him as he craves to be seen. As he loses control, Richard may be tempted to do something drastic. Just like his followers, he must be eased out of the experience - must be made to admit that he went too far.


  • Richard's last name is not mentioned during the course of the game. It is only mentioned in the ending credits.
    • His name may be a reference to the Biblical anti-christ, which is associated with the image of a small horn in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Richard can be compared to the real-life Aleister Crowley, a professional magician who later became a cult leader as well.

Gallery Edit

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