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The Red Light District is a district in Prague and home to the city's strip clubs, night bars, and Dvali controlled territory and is only accessible at night. Adam Jensen is sent here during the events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The district is home to many businesses that cater to both naturals and augmented people. As an agreement with the rest of Prague, they open only at night so the typical tourist and business areas get their fair share during the day, and the Red Light District gets their cut at night.

Locations Edit

Red Queen Edit

The Red Queen is a Dvali run operation headed by the matriarch Máša Kadlek. It is an adult night club with two bars, private rooms, and sex workers. Despite the controversy around such an industry, Máša merely states it is just clean, wholesome fun and even some of her family members work the floor. The business caters to both Augs and non-augmented people, as many of their employees are augmented so it would be poor business practice to turn them away as customers.

Jensen heads here during SM07: Fade to Black, to meet Vincent Black's contact, and also during SM09: All in the Family, to meet and help Máša Kadlek with her family problem.

Irish Stool Edit

Compared to the Red Queen, the Irish Stool is a much smaller business. Like the other bars in the rest of Prague, it has a bar upstairs as well as downstairs.

During M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists, Jensen goes here to find Nomad Staněk.

Dvali Theater Edit

See Dvali Theater.

Dvali Apartments Edit

Also known by the Dvali as Hotel Narikala, the Dvali Apartments is one of Radich Nikoladze's safehouses and is inhabited by the Dvali, as evident by the Georgian flag and the Dvali crest on display throughout many of the apartments.

If helping Máša Kadlek, Jensen goes here to find her wayward son, Dominik.

Cigar Lounge Edit

Cigar Lounge looks like a typical bar and is run by Nada Birak. However, if you access Birak's computer in his apartment, you will learn he runs a side gig: he sells weapons that an inspector smuggles through, cutting out the Dvali from their take. With the CASIE aug, you can get him to sell you a few of these items.

If Jensen doesn't have CASIE, or you flub your persuasion attempt, offering him a lancer rifle, one collector to another, will make him reconsider and sell hardware to you.

Notes Edit

  • In various street signs in Prague, the Red Light District is labeled as Rozkoš Čtvrť, where "Rozkoš" is a noun meaning "pleasure," and "Čtvrť" means "district." However, this term has been noted as being an improper or unidiomatic expression in Czech because the term used with "Čtvrť" should be an adjective rather than a noun.


  • Near the entrance to the Red Light District, a billboard can be found which has just "The Nameless" written on it. It is a reference to The Nameless Mod.


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