The Recycle Military Bill was legislation signed into United States law prior to the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The act provided any wounded US veteran with free mechanical augmentations in exchange for reenlistment. This benefit, coupled with a similar deal by private security contractor Belltower Associates, was mostly responsible for the widespread augmented population by the late 2020s.


  • Zeke Sanders, who lost his left eye in active duty, rejoined the military under this bill. He would later come to believe that his prosthetic eye was influencing him negatively and become a radical member of Purity First.
  • Tyrell "Tiger" Banks, who served in the Iraq War. After his military service he became a professional fighter and contended for the Augmented Combat Challenge. He would later become known for the murder of a prostitute named Kerri Ryder. Police officers Quincy Durant and Adam Jensen were sent to apprehend the fugitive Banks in a junkyard. In a struggle, Quincy was critically injured by Banks, who was in turn shot dead by Jensen.

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