Raye Vande is an agent and second-in-command of the Alpha team of Task Force 29's North American unit.

Biography Edit

Vande is from the Netherlands and previously served in the Dutch National Constabulary’s Special Intervention Service. Afterwards, she served with TF29's Lyon headquarters, before transferring to the Alpha team of Task Force 29's North American unit. In this unit, she serves as second-in-command to Christian Jarreau. Vande is the only non-American member of Jarreau's team. Vande is mechanically augmented.

In 2029, Jarreau's team is in Detroit to intercept arms trafficker Sheppard from airlifting military-grade augmentations out of Detroit. After they successfully prevent Sheppard from airlifting the augmentations, Vande is assigned to guard a train delivering the augmentations to a military base for disposal.

The train is attacked by Illuminati operatives led by Jenna Thorne. Adam Jensen arrives to help, but most of Vande's men have already been killed. Thorne and her top operative Gunther Hermann corner Vande and Jensen. Thorne aims her revolver at Jensen intending to fire. Vande attacks Thorne but is shot in the stomach. In the ensuing moment of confusion, Jensen and Vande escape into the safety of another part of the train and closes the hatch. As Gunther pursues Jensen to another part of the train, Thorne opens the hatch. Vande fires at Thorne but misses. Thorne then executes Vande by slitting her throat.

After Jensen defeats Thorne and escapes the train, Jarreau tells Jensen that Vande was a mole. Jarreau states that his team had found a secret data drive in use by Vande that was leaking information to Sheppard's employers. Jensen, however, does not believe Jarreau, after witnessing Vande fight against Thorne's team to the bitter end. Moreover, Jensen's CASIE augmentation had failed to register any indication that Vande had known about Thorne when he warned her about Thorne earlier on the train. Jensen therefore, believes that Vande was framed. However, because Vande is now dead, there is no way of knowing the truth.


  • "I'm from Holland. We hate the sea and the sea hates us."
  • "I have shot people for lesser insults than that." (to Adam Jensen when he accuses Vande of being a mole)
  • "I... am... Surrounded... by fucking idiots. So much so... I've caught stupidity off them."
  • "Americans, you always think you know the only way to do things..."

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