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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Radich Nikoladze is the kingpin of the Dvali crime family that operates in the Czech Republic in the late 2020s. His office is in the backstage of the Dvali Theatre in Prague.

Nikoladze is involved in a power struggle with his second-in-command, Otar Botkoveli. Nikoladze relies on his spies Louis Gallois and Konstantine Zoidze(who dies in the Růžička Station bomb explosions) to fend off Botkoveli from threatening his position.

Nikoladze has a mechanical leg, which is a well-kept secret (Gallois states that only four people know that, Adam Jensen becoming possibly the fifth). Nikoladze gets his Neuropozyne from Gallois, and Václav Koller maintains his leg.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

If Nikoladze is still the leader of the Dvali when Adam Jensen returns from GARM, Jim Miller will suggest Jensen to break into Nikoladze's office to gather intel after Jensen reaches the Dvali theatre. If Otar is still alive, Adam discovers that Nikoladze has made a deal with Viktor Marchenko and the terrorists while fiercely justifying this decision for Botkoveli claiming that it is the most profitable offer.

If Otar is dead when Adam reaches Radich's office, he will be seen negotiating about the price of smuggling the Orchid and the bombs into Apex Centre with Marchenko who insists on the earlier agreed price instead of paying the price in triple as Nikoladze tries to convince him. Eventually Nikoladze gives up trying to raise the price.

Nikoladze will not make an appearance in the Dvali theater if Otar replaces him as the leader of the Dvali in Prague.

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