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Růžička Station (pronounced [ruːʒɪt͡ʃka]) (Czech: Růžičkovo Nádraží) is a train station in Prague. It seems to be the city's central hub station as it uses maglev trains, unlike the other stations in Prague. The station is presumably named after Žofie Růžička, the first woman president of the Czech Republic.

In the late 2029, Růžička Station is destroyed in a bomb explosion. Investigation of the bombing makes up the central plot of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The main mission M5: Claiming Jurisdiction takes place at the Růžička Station.

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  • The station name is mispronounced as "roo-zi-kah" throughout the game. The correct pronunciation is "roo-zhitch-kah".
  • Based on Marta Babik's emails and the "RE: 2 more" email on Simon Daniels' computer in Task Force 29 Headquarters, Marta is likely the woman Adam Jensen attempted to rescue in the cutscene following the train station bombing. Per Daniels' email, her son Lukáš survived because Marta shielded him from debris.


  • Růžička means "a little rose" in Czech. It is a common Czech and Slovak male surname.
  • Růžička Station is apparently modeled after the present-day Prague Main Station (Praha hlavní nádraží).
  • Presumably, it was renamed to Růžička Station after the death of Žofie Růžička, the fictitious first female president of the Czech Republic, much like the real-world Ruzyně International Airport was renamed to Václav Havel Airport after the death of Václav Havel, the real-world first president of Czech Republic.

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