"Queequeg's buys beans only from independent growers who organically cultivate traditional species. These beans are then slow-roasted in convective drums for maximum fidelity to regional flavor. All processing systems are solar/biomass powered, in the interest of stemming deforestation caused by the traditional use of firewood for coffee drying. What is it about a steaming Queequachino that tastes so good? Authenticity. Queequeg's -- true to the letter means it tastes even better."

Queequeg's Coffee is one of the two competing worldwide coffee shop networks in 2072. Its main competitor is Pequod's.


Queequeg's coffee is known for being organically grown. The "Queequechino" is popular amongst its customers. Unlike Pequod's, Queequeg's shops seem to be situated in poorer areas of cities, for example, Lower Seattle, Cairo Medina, and Trier.


In the Standard Security Corporation's Headquarters' evidence room in Trier, Germany, Alex Denton discovers that both Pequod's and Queequeg's belong to the same parent company, unbeknownst to their coffee shop owners. Two different coffee chains were created to conquer different tastes of customers; the rivalry between the networks is intended to stimulate public interest in their products all the while bringing profit for one monopolistic corporation. Denton can choose whether or not to reveal this business secret to the owner of Queequeg's shop in Trier.

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  • The revelation of a common ownership of such seemingly antagonistic coffee shop chains foreshadows a similar discovery about the World Trade Organization and the Order Church, which both prove to be mere branches of the Illuminati.


  • Queequeg's and its competitor Pequod's names are spoofs of the real life coffee chain Starbucks. All three of these names are taken from Herman Melville's famous novel Moby-Dick. Queequeg is a fictional harpooner onboard the whaleship Pequod. Although a "savage" pagan cannibal, Queequeg is courageous and very loyal to his friends. Like its fictional counterparts, Starbucks was started in Seattle.
  • Queegqueg's coffee was also featured in Volume 3 of the Alan Moore comic series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


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