Project Morpheus: Notebook 8-B is a book appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in the home of Morgan Everett; specifically in the room housing the Morpheus AI.


Project Morpheus: Notebook 8-B

Morpheus has been moody of late, and I have so far been unable to determine the proximate cause of this change in behavior. This is a problem with n-variable systems: at arbitrary levels of sophistication, minute perturbations become unquantifiable. Is personality nothing more than the tidal change in a non-linear system? And if so, what is the 'moon,' what force shapes these tides? Morpheus could tell me, if only Morpheus could model its own behavior -- but this would require a system orders of magnitude more complex to execute a simulation of its own identity.

I may resort to a full battery of input analysis tests to be compared against previous baseline tests, but I find myself strangely reluctant to do so. At this level of development, Morpheus could be cognizant enough to find the experience... unpleasant. I do not know why that word occurs to me, as it anthropomorphizes what is obviously not human... but what may not so obviously be alive... -- Morgan Everett

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