Praxis kit

A Praxis kit.

Praxis Software is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall that explains the concept of Praxis kits. The book can be found in several places throughout the game:

Transcript Edit

Congratulations on your recent mechanical augmentations!

It is common for new augmentation features to be locked after installation so that the body doesn't get overwhelmed and reject it. Rejection of augmentation is caused by an overwhelmed nervous system that leads to a faster rate of glial tissue build up, which no dose of Neuropozyne can counter. Traditionally, these features are unlocked only through prolonged use, allowing the body to adjust slowly to the features.

Praxis Kits, which are distributed mainly from LIMB clinics, allow this system to be bypassed manually, releasing new features vis the user's own free will in a shorter time frame.

The method is usually not an option for most users. However, those patients whose body accepts the augmentations with greater ease can use Praxis kits to advance the process without prolonged use of the augmentation. The cost of these kits are fairly high, making them prohibitive to most augmented patients.

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