Praxis Points are a hybrid system of skill points and augmentation canisters in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

At the start of the game, Adam Jensen is fitted with every augmentation he has available, and in the opening chapter, most of them is already activated. However, after Václav Koller performs a factory reset on his augmentations, Jensen has to manually reactivate his augmentations by earning experience or by utilizing Praxis kits.

As players progress through the game and gain experience points (XP), they are awarded Praxis points, which can then be used to activate dormant augmentations and upgrade active ones. Typically, it costs 2 points to activate an augmentation, and 1 point for each subsequent upgrade. Initially, players are awarded 1 Praxis point for every 5,000 experience points they collect, but after collecting enough Praxis points, the amount of experience needed gradually increases. Praxis points can also be obtained by purchasing Praxis kits from the black market or by finding them in the world.


The player is awarded different amounts of XP by completing mission objectives, indicated by the Getting things done (Main quests) and Completionist (side-quests) bonuses. However, there are also some fixed XP bonuses awarded for certain actions.

Combat Against Humans Edit

Neutralizing a humanoid enemy typically results in XP being granted under several different titles. These titles are grouped by their criteria, namely:

  • Enemy Tier
  • Lethality
  • Method of Neutralization
  • Number of Targets

The combat bonuses from different categories are cumulative (so you can get both marksman and merciful soul), but bonuses from the same category are mutually exclusive.

Enemy Tier Edit

The amount of XP granted from this criteria depends only on the enemy's designation. 

Title XP Description
Trooper 10 Neutralize a less dangerous enemy, such as a Dvali thug
Veteran 20 Neutralize a moderately dangerous enemy, such as an ARC trooper
Elite 30 Neutralize a very dangerous enemy, such as a Shadow Operative
Sorry to disappoint you, Brother 100 Neutralize Viktor Marchenko

Lethality Edit

XP is granted from this criteria only if the method of neutralization used was nonlethal.

Title XP Description
Merciful Soul 20 Neutralize a human enemy in a non-lethal way

Method of Neutralization Edit

The title and the amount of XP granted from this criteria depends on what method the player used to neutralize that enemy. The "default" method of shooting them with bullets until they die grants no bonus.

Title XP Description
Marksman 10 Neutralize an enemy with a headshot from a either a lethal or non-lethal weapon. The enemy can be headshot or even bodyshot several times, as long as the killing blow is a headshot. Headshots performed by nanoblades and P.E.P.S. blasts do not trigger this bonus.
Expedient 10 Neutralize an enemy by performing a melee takedown
Dust to Dust 10 Neutralize an enemy by using the focused blast of the P.E.P.S. aug
Close Shave 10 Neutralize an enemy by using the Nanoblade
Introvert 10 Neutralize an enemy by using the Typhoon
Shock Therapy 10 Neutralize an enemy by using the TESLA
Crash Landing 10 Neutralize an enemy by using the Icarus Strike function of the Icarus Landing System
Juggernaut 10 Neutralize an enemy by using the charged-up Icarus Dash
Surprise 10 Neutralize an enemy by punching through a structural weakness
Blown Away 5 Neutralize an enemy by using a fragmentation grenade/mine (includes the Grenade Launcher's frag grenade)

Number of Targets Edit

This XP is granted if the chosen method of neutralization affects multiple targets at once. Note that unlike with other criteria, this bonus is given on a per-attack, rather than a per-target basis, that is, a grenade multi-kill will only grant a single Collateral Damage bonus, whether it hit two or five targets. Also, killing two enemy with the same shotgun blast grants no bonus.

Title XP Description
Multitasker 45 Neutralize two enemies with a single takedown using the Reflex Booster
Master Blaster 5 Neutralize three or more enemies with the same nanoblade shot by using the Nanoblade's explosive upgrade
Chain Reaction 5 Neutralize four enemies with the same TESLA shot by using the fully upgraded TESLA
Collateral Damage 10 Neutralize two or more enemies with the same explosion from a fragmentation grenade/mine (including the Grenade Launcher's frag grenade)

Mechanical Enemies Edit

Mechanical enemies only grant a single chunk of XP upon destruction, regardless of circumstances. Note that there are other ways of extracting XP from these enemies, see Remote Hacking and Armor sections.

Title XP Description
Scrap Metal 15 Destroy turret
Void Warranty 20 Destroy a flying drone
Junk Yard 40 Destroy a walker robot (like the SB-71 bot)

Armor Edit

Certain enemies wear armor pieces which, when enough damage is dealt to them, fall off and grant XP.

Title XP Description
Piece by Piece 5 Destroy a piece of enemy armor. For example, shooting a helmeted enemy in the head results in the helmet falling off and the bonus being granted

Different pieces of armor grant different amounts of XP, although they are still granted in 5 XP chunks. For example, shooting off the thigh armor of a SB-71 walker bot results in the " 5 XP: Piece by Piece" notification popping up four times, for a total of 20 XP.

Body part: XP:
Left armor plate 20
Right armor plate 20
SB-71 walker bot
Body part: XP:
Left foot 5
Right foot 5
Left calf 10
Right calf 10
Left thigh 20
Right thigh 20
Groin area 5
Left side of body 5
Right side of body 5
Top of body 15
TOTAL: 100
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NOTE: The removed armor pieces linger in the environment until the death/neutralization of their original wearer. If an explosion affects these loose armor pieces, it often results in the XP bonus being granted again. Shooting of the armor of a lobotomized walker bot and using carefully placed explosions (e. g. charged nanoblades) cantered on the armor pieces and avoiding the bot can allow a player to rack up hundreds of points before the scratch damage from the explosions finally destroys the bot and the armor pieces with it.


The player gets XP bonuses for completing storyline mission objectives through stealthy measures. Not every objective awards stealth bonuses. For example, Smooth Operator bonus is not available for the objectives where no alarm-triggering equipment is present.

Title XP Description
Ghost 200 Complete an objective without enemies spotting the player or seeing the bodies of their downed allies
Smooth Operator 200 Complete an objective without setting off an alarm
Reset 10 Trigger an alarm, then wait until it subsides (can be repeatedly acquired by triggering and silencing an alarm multiple times)


For every security level there is an increasing bonus for successfully hacking a device. Additional XP bonuses may also be awarded by fulfilling certain conditions during the hacking mini-game.

Title XP Description
Script Kiddie 25 Level 1
Grey Hat 50 Level 2
Black Hat 75 Level 3
Network Adept 100 Level 4
Master Hacker 125 Level 5
Data Extraction varies Capture XP-containing datastores before successfully finishing the minigame
First Try 5 Complete the hack on the first attempt

Using keycodes/passwords Edit

Using a keycode or a password to unlock a device grants a bonus corresponding to the device's security level. Note that this method is still typically inferior to hacking, since it forfeits the potential First Try and Data Extraction bonuses, not to mention the credits and hacking programs in the device's datastores.

Title XP Description
Access Granted 25 Level 1
Free Admission 50 Level 2
Open Sesame 75 Level 3
Entering without Breaking 100 Level 4
Master Felonist 125 Level 5

Remote HackingEdit

Objects that can be manipulated by Remote Hacking belong to two groups. Environmental devices just need the first part of the Remote Hacking aug. Security devices require the Security Domination upgrade. While reactivation of these devices allows the player to hack them again, this won't result in further XP.

Title XP Description
Paving the Way 5 Hack an environmental device (e.g: TVs, ladders, window panels)
Machina 10 Hack a security device (e.g: laser grids, cameras, turrets, drones) or a car / motor vehicle.
Flawless 5 Hack a security device without a single mistimed button press. Stacks with Machina.


By finding certain areas or taking routes other than the most obvious ones, the player is also awarded bonus XP. The first four bonuses are awarded by simply entering a certain area. The amount of XP awarded is tied to the specific area. Areas towards the end of the game tend to award the higher XP bonuses, but often require augmentations to reach.

Title XP Description
Traveler 100 Discover a certain area (usually a secondary path, like taking vents)
Explorer 200 Discover a certain area
Pathfinder 300 Discover a certain area
Trailblazer 400 Discover a certain area (usually require augmentations to get to)
Scholar 100 Find and read an eBook (75 total in game)


At some points in the game, the player will have to try to persuade an NPC in order to meet a certain objective. This triggers a persuasion mini-game where the CASIE mod can be of value. Sometimes, they show up as QTEs instead of a debate so it is important to not look away from the screen during certain conversations.

Title XP Description
Silver Tongue 1,000 Succeed flawlessly in persuasion. Not available in all conversations, even if the best speech options are chosen.
Spin Doctor 500 Succeed in persuasion overall.
Stop the Press 200 Choose a correct option in a CASIE QTE to succeed in persuasion.
Wait for Your Turn 100 Choose a wrong option in a CASIE QTE.
Read the Room 100 Fail a conservation.

Praxis points Edit

Unless one uses microtransactions to buy Praxis kits or uses mods, there is no way a player can earn the 91 Praxis kits needed to acquire all augmentations in the first playthrough (95 with the DLC exclusive augs). However, with careful planning, a player can get all augmentations using New Game +.

  • 29 Praxis kits are available in the game through exploration, buying, and as side quest rewards (not accounting for the one-time Praxis kits from microtransactions, pre-order bonuses, DLCs, and Deus Ex GO cross-game rewards).
  • Praxis kits reappear on a New Game + so if the player is vigilant about getting as many as they can in the first playthrough, they should be able to get the rest in the second.

The amount of XP needed for the next Praxis kit to be awarded depends on the player's total XP. For every 10 Praxis kits awarded from XP, the amount of XP needed for the next Praxis point goes up by 500 points (up to 7500 XP). The total XP counter resets upon entering New Game+.

Total XP XP for next Praxis
0 - 50000 5000
50001 - 105000 5500
105001 - 165000 6000
165001 - 230000 6500
230001 - 300000 7000
300001 - 7500

Maximizing XPEdit

Tips for maximizing XP (in order of impact):

  1. Complete main storyline mission objectives.
  2. Complete side mission objectives.
  3. Hack every single hackable device encountered, capturing any data stores, always reloading upon the first failure.
  4. Explore the entire map for area bonuses and eBooks.
  5. Complete objectives while remaining undetected and without setting off any alarms.
  6. Use remote hacking on every single compatible device encountered. In case of security devices, always quit and retry after the first mistimed button press.
  7. Neutralize all enemies, using non-lethal augmentations. Try to take down two enemies at once whenever possible. Destroy turrets and bots, but only after used remote hacking on them.

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