Police Tactics is an eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found in several places in Panama City:

  • on a seat inside the train station,
  • in a safe in the office downstairs in Nightshades.

Transcript Edit

Within the last 10 years, over 15,000 members of the National Police have been removed from duty due to misconduct, including having ties to drug trafficking and organized crime. To combat corruption, the director of National Police has instituted an "integrity program" that addresses criminality and corruption. The program requires that police candidates undergo full background checks and polygraph tests. The department has also begun using the history of corruption to its advantage in the way of undercover agents and the recruitment of confidential informants and use of surveillance teams.

The Skulls, Panama City's largest gang, have become synonymous with violence and drug trafficking throughout the entire region, and efforts to penetrate the gang with undercover agents have been largely unsuccessful.

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