The riot cops patrol New York City in 2052.


As the police, they are armed and may be either friendly or hostile, depending on JC Denton's interaction and the circumstances. Their masks make them one of the few troopers immune to the pepper gun's spray and toxic gas like the gas grenades.

Locations and Behavior Edit

Two of them are encontered during the first visit to Hell's Kitchen, patrolling an alleyway, and trying to kill anyone they hear shooting, involving JC Denton, except UNATCO troopers. This can be a useful backup as they will fight the pimp in the other alley when they hear him shooting at JC or Sandra Renton. One carries a sawed-off shotgun and the other carries a riot prod.

Several rent-a-cops appear later on the second visit to Battery Park, helping UNATCO troopers to protect the bums. This time they are unarmed.

On the second visit of Hell's Kitchen, only one carrying a sawed-off shotgun is standing just out of the park on the left of the 'Ton hotel behind wall. He will warn JC about the UNATCO raid at the hotel. He won't be hostile to JC after UNATCO invades Hell's Kitchen, as he has no reason to.

Onn the third visit of Hell's Kitchen, now they are hostile to JC and operate along with security bots and UNATCO. They all carry assault rifles and kill everyone beside bums because of the martial laws active in New York. This time for each cop killed (by JC or by others) two UNATCO soldiers will pursue JC for all the city and the cops aren't few. As s glitch, if a cop hears other troopers shooting (UNATCO or MJ12) or vice versa, he'll try to kill them, causing a massive shootout. This city mess can be a usefull distraction, as the three groups fight each other and don't seem much worried about JC, who can run past them. Two of them, less armed, patrol the ground floor of the 'Ton hotel and, if killed, no troopers will spawn there.

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