The police is a personification of a state or a country designated to put in practice the enforced law, protect property and reduce civil disorder in civilian matters until the Collapse in 2052.


The police in the modern sense is born with the invention of modern state. In the late 1300s, the German invented the term "polizeiwissenschaft" (literally "science of police"). The equivalent of the "police" in the classical sense, the administration of the public policy of the city, going beyond the task itself safe, is found in the conceptualization, in the Germanic States, the Polizeiwissenschaft as well as cameral sciences.

Often cited the Metropolitan Police Force of London and the City of Glasgow Police in Scotland and the prefecture of Paris, all created around 1800, as the ancestors of the modern organization of the modern police. They are only authorized to exercise the police power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. Police forces are often defined as organizations separate from any military forces, or other organizations involved in the defense of the state against foreign aggressors. Their powers and duties include:

  • Legitimized use of force
  • Law enforcement
  • Preservation of order
  • Protection of private property

In Deus Ex WorldEdit

Some cities have outsourced their police by 2027, hiring private security companies to do this job. Most notably, in the city of Hengsha, Belltower serves as the police force in the entire city, under the contract with Chinese government. Many Detroit police officers appear to be much more militarized, wearing heavy body armor openly and being equipped with powerful weapons such as combat rifles. During 2027 and 2052, police around the world faced many riots and must be supported by several SWAT officers in 2027 and then UNATCO, Majestic 12, and soldiers in 2052.

In 2029, the officers in Prague are heavily armed due to the terrorist attacks at a Prague metro station that were carried out by a rogue group within the Augmented Rights Coalition. Due to these attacks being "claimed" by Augs, new legislation has passed that requires Augs in Prague to carry identification to be checked by police officers. Police officers are verbally hostile to Adam Jensen and other Augs because of anti-Aug prejudice. They will not attack Jensen unless provoked though.

As mechanical augmentation is now despised, the police have started using EXO-suits for when they need a heavily armored presence. These suits are an external robotic shell that the police officer controls from inside and is capable of withstanding takedowns unless shocked first.

After the Collapse by 2072, the different systems of police around the world have disintegrated and the private security company SSC began to work with numerous businesses and organizations to provide affordable protection in a world that lacks a traditional police force. SSC's clients include the Order, WTO, weapons manufacturers, clandestine laboratories, and even smugglers.

With conflicts between the nascent world powers heating up, SSC has increasingly found itself caught in the middle. SSC guards, minimally trained and often suffering from a rent-a-cop mentality, are called upon to be peacekeepers, paramilitaries and soldiers. Also by that year, several world powers were establishing armies of their own. An example of this is the Knights Templar.

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