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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

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Points of Interest
Sometimes just rumors. Sometimes warnings, or calls for help, or secrets sold by a man with a fake name. No matter how I found out about some of these locations, they're all worth a closer look.
This page lists all the Points of Interest (POI) that Adam Jensen can come across in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, either by overhearing others, given to you, or buy trading Neuropozyne for information. Some of the POI turn into side missions and have associated achievements while others are merely for background information (with the exception of Shooting Range Mastered, which is a small tutorial).

Prague (First Visit) Edit

Every Little Helps Edit

This one is given to Jensen from the information dealer, Kazatel, in exchange for Neuropozyne, who can be found in the small courtyard right outside Zeleň Apartments. On the toy factory side of Zeleň Apartments, look for an alley behind a Sarif Industries van and make your way through the door. If you have the EMP shielding, you can simply walk down the left side area and use the code (9002) to get in. If you do not have the EMP shielding, you can either try to run for the breaker at the end or punch the vent that is behind the large crate to get into the room.

Shots Fired Edit

This one is given to Jensen from the information dealer, Kazatel, in exchange for Neuropozyne, who can be found in the small courtyard right outside Zeleň Apartments. Head to the fake police checkpoint and, using either the Klipspringer Jump Mod or the nearby lift, get onto the roof of the archway and make your way over to the balcony and enter the apartment.

Neighborhood Watch Edit

Go to northern Prague and enter the basement of the Dai-Taga bar that is across from the abandoned LIMB clinic. Read the pocket secretary that is lying on the table at the bottom of the stairs to start this POI. It will direct you to an apartment near the toy factory. Climb the scaffolding to get to it and explore the room. Once done, you should now be directed to apartment 23 over in Zeleň Apartments. If the marker does not update and you checked everything, head over anyways and it should fix itself. Once you have looked around there, it should complete.

Shooting Range Edit

This one is given by Aria Argento when you first enter Task Force 29’s office. She will automatically talk to Jensen when he heads up the stairs and give him his shooting range keycard so you can enter the range. Once you use the card and enter the first room, this will complete.

Shooting Range Mastered Edit

After completing the prior POI, enter the actual shooting range and Aria will talk Jensen through a tutorial on using different ammo and mods. It will complete once you finish the last task.

Note: This one has been known to have a bug where it will crash after you finish and exit the range. Some workarounds have been to empty out your inventory in the first room before entering the range (they will still be there when you finish) or skipping over the cutscene when you exit.

Rumors of a CultEdit

see SM02: Cult of Personality. When you drop into the sewers near Zeleň Apartments, there are two women near the ladder talking about people disappearing. Interacting with them will make this POI pop up.

Prague (Second Visit) Edit

The Glitch Edit

see SM06: 01011000

One Last Favor Edit

see SM09: All in the Family

Mystery Stalker Edit

There is a second floor apartment, belonging to Miloš Awadalla, near Sobchak Security that can be reached in a few different ways. Get inside and examine the interesting photos on the wall to start the POI. Now make your way to Rose’s Garden to see what is going on. On the roof of the business you will see a suspicious police officer, so get up there to confront Miloš. To get him to back down, either "turn the tables" twice on him or use "reason" then "turn tables", otherwise he will attack you. Once Miloš has been dealt with, the POI will finish.

Rich Man Poor Aug Edit

This is given by Kazatel, who is now in a courtyard near Ludvik’s Lounge and requires the Klipspringer Jump Mod. Head to the Magia shop and then go around to where the station is. Remote hack the ladder to the billboard to then jump over to the ledge with the flags. Now sprint towards the opposite balcony and jump for it. Do it right and Jensen will land on the fence. Enter the apartment to finish the POI. You can also jump on top of the station's cover, then onto the lamp near the Magia shop, then from there to the balcony.

In the apartment, there is a datastick hidden behind the television. Reading the apartment owner's e-mails reveals he is opening an account at Palisade Property Bank, and the datastick includes a complete biometric identification profile of him. As long as the Account Manager, Thomas Romanek, has not been knocked out prior to your second visit to Prague, he can be talked to in Palisade to give you access to the VIP safes on Level 1. When you talk to him, he will assume that you are Oleg Drago, the owner of the datastick.

Good Cop Bad Cop Edit

This is given by Kazatel, who is now in a courtyard near Ludvik’s Lounge. The apartment in question is near the cleaning business and tricky to get into without the right augmentations. Use remote hacking to unfold the ladder to the nearby billboard and climb up, then try to get Jensen right on top of the fence nearest the apartment. You will see a metal awning on the building between you and the apartment. Jump to that one, then you can easily jump over to the apartment. Enter to complete the POI.

Note: while you can do this to find out what happened to Gerard Romero, there is no way to let Paulina and the others in the sewers near Zeleň Apartments know when she asks. It is unclear if this is a bug or was left out in the final game.

Dead Drop Edit

Once you complete M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists and M9:Checking Out the Men in Charge, Alex will contact Jensen to start M10: Facing the Enigma. She will also say she found some information on Marchenko and you can find the pocket secretary near Monument Station. Simply head down the half flight of stairs so you are just below street level to see a trash bin and some benches against the wall. Move some coffee cups in the bin to find the pocket secretary.

Too Close to Home Edit

see SM10: The Harvester. If you did not already bump into Daria Myska, Aria Argento will call Jensen regarding this when you enter southern Prague after M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker or M12: The Heist.

Prague (Third Visit) Edit

Samizdat SOS Edit

see SM12: K is for Každý

Sugar Free Picus Edit

Given by Kazatel who is now in an open storage unit at Libuše Apartments. Head straight up to apartment 94 and enter to complete the POI.

Give Me a Thug Edit

Given by Kazatel who is now in an open storage unit at Libuše Apartments. Head over to the Dvali Apartments and enter apartment 95 to complete the POI.

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