fThis page contains a transcript of all pocket secretaries in Deus Ex: The Fall. Pocket secretaries contain keycodes to locked doors and safes, and also provide some background information.

Moscow - Hotel Novoe RostovEdit

Re: Guard DutyEdit

From: Oleg
To: Vyachek


Look, what you think doesn't matter. You're not paid to provide me advice. I get my orders from powerful people who you will never meet (if you're lucky). These people want every single fucking floor of this building under constant fucking surveillance. Are we clear? I hope we are. If we're not, you won't even be able to get a job ticketing cars on the boardwalk.

Cut the shit, ok?


(MSIT.10123.75540) wrote:


I'm confused about the new "enhanced" security detail. In the past two weeks, I've responded to the following "emergencies:"

- feral cats fucking; making a lot of noise
- homeless junkie infiltrating third floor; took a shit on the floor
- teenagers tagging drywall; possible sexual intercourse

Serious stuff. Honestly, Oleg. I think that we could scale back on the number of guys and have each detail cover multiple floors. I'm not telling you how to do your job, I'm just filling you in on what I see.


Re: Building PermitsEdit

From: Osip
To: Zavid


I know, I know, we are way behind schedule on construction. The government has us wrapped up in red tape a mile long, getting even a single permit is taking forever. Sometimes I wonder if there are people out there preventing this building from being finished.


Zavid (MSIT.10123.75540) wrote:


>Can someone tell me whose knob needs to be polished to get
>anything done around here? According to my estimates, we are
>two months late on plumbing and the electrician permits have
>been rejected for no good goddamned reason. What is going on
>down there, Osip?


Re: Power SupplyEdit

From: Sadko, Security
To: Kontarsky

Mr. Kontarsky,

My sincerest apologies. I've told the men about this repeatedly, apparently to no effect. Let me reassure you that, moving forward, there will be no more problems with the power supply.


Mikhail Kontarsky (NSIT.10224.73440) wrote:

>I've noticed that at night the thermographic shield's power
>readings are dropping dangerously low. Please stop plugging in
>any unnecessary equipment, such as your portable TVs or boom
>boxes. You should be on the lookout for threats anyway! If the
>generator does fail, use passcode 6980 to access the generator
>room door and restart the generator.


Re: Get OutEdit

From: Radko M
To: Svetlana M


If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, don't send me this garbage here at work. The guys here run a tight ship. Your personal messages are not helping and might even be hurting, do you understand? We will discuss this when I get home.


Svetlana M (NSIT.10123.75540) wrote:


>I know you want to see the job through but it is taking too long,
>and now it is becoming dangerous! It's one thing staying in an
>unfinished building, it's entirely another thing when that building is
>occupied by te Bratva and who knows what else. Come home,
>we miss you and worry about you.


That SentryEdit

From: Security Guard
To: Security Coordinator

I know Kontarsky wanted to install that Sentry robot thing, but it scares me to death. I'm sitting there, quietly watching the match when it turns to look at me and just sits there staring at me for an hour. Creeps me out, man. I've stashed an EMP grenade by the door just in case it decides it wants to rise up against humanity. That'll teach it who's boss.

Re: Strict ProtocolEdit

From: Vasilli, Security
To: Kontarsky


I understand perfectly. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.



Mikhail Kontarsky (NSIT.10224.73440) wrote:


>You fucking guys have knocked on my door THREE TIMES
>tonight. I just want to remind you all that we are under
>LOCKDOWN. This means that I am not to be disturbed for ANY
>reason, and my door is to remain locked AT ALL TIMES. I do not
>need food, I do not need to be "checked on," I just need you to
>stay alert.


Re: heightened risksEdit

From: Sadko, Security
To: Vasilli


Trust me when I say this: Mikhail's being paranoid, nobody is after him. The security measures are just to keep his mind at ease.

That being said, do keep a close watch on him. He may be suicidal or do something stupid. If he locks himself away for too long, you can use security code 0451 to bypass his lock and get him out. It's for his own good.


Vasilli R (NSIT.11114.73550) wrote:


>Kontarsky has been telling anyone who will listen that there are
>agents actively trying to eliminate him. The younger guys take it
>pretty seriously. With everyone else, I think we're getting into a
>situation of "the boy who cried wolf."

>Do you believe there is anything to these stories or is MK just


Tyrants JetlinerEdit

A Job Well DoneEdit

From: Jaron Namir
To: Lawrence Barrett


As always, your role in the raid of the Sarif Industries lab was crucial for its success. Hopefully over the next year I can approve some R&R for you.

Keep it up.


Operations RoomEdit

From: Gunther Hermann
To: Jaron Namir


Ill be out of work on med leve for nex month maybe 2. My role as "human target-practis backstop" has takin its tole. Im gettign my augs completly redon. Maybe i can get that skul-gun I been asking for years? :)

Shit. I almost forgot to tell you the new passcode to the op room: 0101. Ill get you an update aftrr my procedurs are don.

Gunther Hermann

Costa Rica Safe HouseEdit


From: J Duarte
To: Ben Saxon


Sorry to hear about your recent problems. We send out prayers and hope you are recovering.

You are welcome in out home for as long as you need it. Rest assured that we won't tell anyone that you are there. The neighbors have always valued and maintained our privacy and you can expect to be safe here. That being said, I wouldn't stray too far from home. There's plenty to eat, the computer network is secure, and you shouldn't have any problems with anything. If you do, please let me know.

It's been really hard on us since Sam died. And I know it's been tough for you, as well. That guilt is not yours to carry around. Guys in your position understand the risks involved, and we know you did everything you could to keep our son safe.


J. Duarte


From: Glass Curtain
To: Kel

You are different because you seek the truth.

Not the lies and misdirection that dribble from the mouths of our politicians, celebrities and news corporations. They want to dominate your mind with sex, violence and greed. Anything to keep you passive and docile.

Anything to get you to STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!

They are the Generals and Majors of Info-War. And when diversion doesn't work, the fear tactics begin. Intimidation, coercion, conspiracy.

Case in point: one of your loyal contributors in Australia. Casey Bradshaw was an outspoken investigative journalist who uncovered proof of what the Aum Shinrikyo cultists were doing in the Australian desert - building and testing a nuclear weapon!

Some people didn't like the implication that the Australian government had been so incompetent, even complicit, with nuclear proliferation as far back as the 1990s.

So it was with deep sadness (but not surprise) that I learned of Casey's tragic death this week. The official story is that she is just another civilian casualty in the Australian Civil War, but that's a little too convenient for those who've been trying to snuff her out for years.

Please support us. Keep Glass Curtain alive!
Anonymous donations accepted via Tipster.

Panama CityEdit

Re: Cut BacksEdit

From: Felix Vega
To: Manny L


We wanted to be the first to tell you, officially, about the cutbacks that were decided upon last Thursday. I know there's been a lot of rumors flying around. We've had to make some tough decisions.

The transit authority can no longer pay the station workers. This goes into effect for tomorrow's payroll. As you can imagine, there are going to be a lot of people upset over this. We'll be on-site to talk to you tomorrow, but in the meantime, please lock the station office with passcode 0490. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Felix Vega

Manny L (PTA.00033.74340) wrote:


>Everyone down here, from the ticket guys to clean up crews on
>down the line, just seen the news reports about layoffs and
>whatnot. Anyway, they are coming to me now, restless, bitching
>to me about what all this means. And I ain't got shit to tell them.

>I'm begging you, Mr. Vega. Level with me. You and I always shot
>it straight to one another in the past. Let's not stop now, eh?


Re: Hotel EtanaEdit

From: Byron
To: Lizzie


What a pleasant surprise! Of course, I would love to see you! I'm in town for 4 days, staying at the Hotel Etana. Have you ever been there? It's remarkable! It rivals some of the better hotels in NYC or Paris.

If I finish up business early, maybe we can get away for a day? There's a helipad on the roof and I have access to the corporate helicopter. I'll call you tomorrow night to confirm? Can't wait to see you!


(ETANA.11021.72220) wrote:


>I'm counting down the days until we see each other again. Do you know when you're going to be available? Hopefully soon, my love!



From: Blunt
To: JJ Alezando


Sorry to hear about that shit last week, bro. If I been there, believe me, shit would've got fixed, for sure. I do want you to know I got your back. I stashed a concussion grenade and some ammo under the mag-lev track on the Boardwalk. It's there if you need it, okay? Use passcode 4044 to get it, and I'll see you next Wednesday?


(PCIT.10033.74340) wrote:


>Que sopa? Well, me and Pope got jumped again. Couple of
>Cholitos did us outside Nightshades heading back to the stash.
>This is the 4th time in two fucking weeks! You guys told me when
>I started to carry shit for you that this happened.

>You know what kind of message this sends? Makes us look like a bunch of pussies, you know that?


Re: JobsEdit

From: Diego
To: Pinto


I know you've been chomping at the bit, so I got an easy score for you. One of my bitches told me the manager of Nightshades keeps a stash of money in his safe. She gave me the code to the rear gate using passcode 5643. If you get it, I'll split it with you, 80/20 (me 80, you 20). Show me what you got, pana.


(PCIT.10044.75540) wrote:


>Que sopa? It was good seeing you last week and I wanted to
>make sure you knew I was serious. I'll do anything to prove my
>self - ANYTHING.


re: hard timesEdit

From: Alvarez
To: Joey


I'm sorry times are bad for you now. You know the many troubles I experienced when I was young and stupid like you. I should have work for you next month. But no promises.

Meantime, if you have nowhere else to stay, there is a storage garage on Rojo Street and you can open it by entering 6009. It's not the Etana, but you don't have to worry about getting rolled or fucked with by anyone.

Maybe you should sell your pocket secretary. I'm sure it's worth something?


(PCIT.00031.74340) wrote:


>I know you said you'd hit me back this week. But I'm desperate,
>pana. Mi mama got kicked out of her asshole's place and he was
>only letting me crash there a few nights a week anyway. Mi
>mama is staying with her sister who hates me even worse than
>my stepdad did.

>I been crashing on the beach or on benches or whatever. Shit is
>as bad as it's ever been, fren. If you can do anything for me -
>ANYTHING - I'll do it. You know I will.


los cadáveresEdit

From: Rex
To: Wizza

boss don't want bodies layin around the front. use the back door from now on. code's 1999 now.

pick ups @ midnight. b there...


From: Johnny B
To: Packer


I knew you'd like your upgrades. That Lebanese prick might have more clients than me, but I provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to him. I have another upgrade stashed near the XNG building (passcode to the gate is 6114). Try it out. If you like it, you can make your payment to the same account.

- Johnny B

Praxis SoftwareEdit

From: Camilla Cardosa
To: Dr. Medina


I didn't think this week could get any worse, but here goes:

In addition to the Neuropozyne shortage, the clinic is running dangerously low on Praxis Kits. Can you please lock the remaining kits in the safe using passcode 2020? I don't want them being used without my direct consent. Hopefully, this is short term, but we've got to prepare ourselves now.


re: grandes armasEdit

From: candyman
To: los chicos

You asked for it, I got it!

if the cops actually do come down here you'll have the right piece for the job. locker B enter 1212 (easy to remember for you!)

sorry I don't have extra shells. Make them count, pana!

(PCIT.00031.74440) wrote:


>I been telling you this for months, congo, we ain't packing enough
>heat!!!! My boys got pulled on by the cops outside Nightshades
>and then punked out. Those pop guns they carry make their
>balls shrivel up, man, I ain't lying.


Lock it down!Edit

From: Diego
To: Adeimo

I know I got with most of you face to face this week, but I want to make sure you all are feeling me--- We got to be on our game this week! If this goes down as planned, we all make A LOT OF MONEY. I ain't just talking about a few of us, I'm talking the organization, top to bottom. Up your game -- we GET PAID.

This week, the rest of the Riezene goes out. Keep your eyes open and let me know if you see anything - ANYTHING - that don't look right. If a dog is taking a shit on a new corner, I wanna know it.

A lot of you guys were sweating the Belltower truck parked outside the lab. Well don't. It'll be unloaded in a couple days and outta there.

- Diego

Re: packageEdit

From: Diego
To: Javier


Thanks for filling me in about the package. You mean the safe in the garage, right? And fuck Cobra, he's got a lot on his plate and I'm sure he won't be looking for something so small. Don't tell no one the passcodes, especially in texts, ok? Talk to you soon.

- Diego

Javier (PCIT.10123.75540) wrote:


>I got something off of Cobra that I think you like. I don't want any problems with
>that Lebanese prick, and I'll give you what I got at a good price. I stashed it in the
>safe (you know which one). Take a look and you can pay me the same way, if you interested.


Personal LogEdit

From: Diego
To: Diego

Latest additions:
- Estefan Rojas
- Fernando Mangravita
- Arturo Torres
- Ezequiel Vega
- Raul Carrasco
- Marco Rodriguez
- Rodolfo Ramos
- Pedro Soto

Personal LogEdit

From: Alvarez
To: Alvarez

Diego has really been sending me the bottom of the barrel lately. Most of these dogs have no identification to speak of and probably don't even know their proper names. I believe that I've already augmented all of his personal security detail, although the short life expectancies should provide steady business in the long term.

Many follow up appointments can be quite dangerous, as the patients are trying to upgrade their augs rapidly without realizing their power. These visits can be quite dangerous, as the gang members can be quite agitated, especially if they're forced to wait for any given amount of time.

Out Neuropozyne supplies have diminished and I've been giving them Riezene, which I can get in large quantities from Diego. Camilla warned me about Riezene, which she thinks could make patients sick. So far, I haven't seen any side effects and the alternative is not teneable.

Re: Broken LockEdit

From: Hotel Etana Janitorial Staff
To: Room 1303 Resident

Dear Resident,

We're not entirely sure how you keep getting the door lock wet enough to destroy it, but we have yet again installed a new lock. The code is 1702. Please stop whatever it is that you are doing in your room; while we enjoy taking bets as to what the mystery liquid is, these electronic locks are expensive and difficult to replace.

Thank You,

Hotel Etana Janitorial Staff

(ETANA.00021.72220) wrote:

>Etana Staff,

>Another day, another lock! Once again, I'm not sure why, but it's
>not working anymore. Could you please have a member of your
>janitorial staff come up and replace it as soon as possible?

>Sincerest Apologies,

>Room 1303

Re: SafeEdit

From: Manuella Perez, Hotel Management
To: Tony Sass

Mr. Sass,

We have already made arrangements to have a safe placed in your room prior to your arrival. Please contact me immediately if you have any other questions or concerned.sicIcon sic We're looking forward to your arrival.


Manuella Perez,
Etana Management

Tony Sass (SEH.00033.73460) wrote:

>To Whom It May Concern,

>I'll be staying at the Etana next week (check in on Sunday afternoon) and I wanted to make sure that there's a safe in my room.
>I spoke with a number of people about it already and paid an additional "safe warranty" fee, but I wanted to make sure it's in the
>room when I get there. I'll be heading out to dinner shortly after my arrival and will need access to it as soon as I arrive.


>Tony Sass

Lock short circuitEdit

From: Hotel Etana Management
To: Penthouse Residents

Hello Resident,

We are sorry for the inconvenience but we've detected a short circuit in the lock to your apartment home. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we have taken the liberty of re-programming the lock to open using the key code 5872. Feel free to come down to the lobby and change the code at your earliest convenience for maximum security.


Hotel Etana Management

Re: Wiring in maintenance shaftEdit

From: Rodrigo Vasquez, Etana Management Supervisor
To: Manuella Perez, Hotel Management


I haven't forgotten about it. My guy was sick yesterday. I'll make sure he takes care of it right away.


Etana Management (ET.00022.75460) wrote:


>I know we spoke of this face to face yesterday, but let me reiterate:
>This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately.

>Best Regards,

Manuella Perez,
Etana Management

Building InspectionEdit

From: P. Langano, Building Inspector
To: Rodrigo Vasquez, Etana Maintenance


We completed the inspection of the upper floors, bathrooms, and rooftop and have the following to report:

1. Bathrooms - There's a leak in the hotel lobby bathroom sink. Please take care of this right away. You don't want guests falling down in there and hurting themselves.

2. Rooftop - There's exposed wiring on the rooftop generators. This needs to get addressed right away. The power control panel is located behind the security fence (be careful when turning it on and off. You don't want to lean up against the fence thinking the power's shut off).

We'll have the final inspection report to you by tomorrow, but I wanted to highlight those two issues. If they're taken care of today, I should be able to have my guys verify the fixes and I can leave them off the report.


P. Langano

Tidy Up!Edit

From: Guest Relations
To: Etana Maintenance

Maintenance Staff,

Please keep in mind that many of our most prominent guests arrive to our hotel via the rooftop helipad. Maintaining the cleanliness of this area is just as important as any other area of the Hotel Etana, including the lobby. There have been a number of guests who have reported debris and cleaning materials left out around the rooftop. Any excess materials on the rooftop should be stored in the maintenance area on the rooftop. The passcode is 9697.

Please make sure you pay extra attention to this area so we make the best impression possible to arriving guests.


Guest Relations
Hotel Etana

Code to mommy's workEdit

From: Cathy Sans
To: Bobbie Sans

Hi honey,

Daddy will drop you off here after work. You can get to my office through the door behind the front desk in the lobby. Use code 9284. Simona will let you by; just be sure to thank her! If you get lost, ask a nice security man to take you to my office.

Love you and I'll see you tonight.

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