Plasma rifles or plasma lances are high tech weapons firing superheated bolts of plasma, using clip of extruded, magnetically-doped plastic slugs, which found applications in secret, omniscient organizations.


Majestic 12 Plasma rifleEdit


Gameplay articles: Deus Ex

The Majestic 12 Plasma rifle is an experimental plasma gun that is produced by the Majestic 12 and supervised by Aston Greer, the director of security for FEMA and MJ12. It was launched in 2052, at the time where JC Denton is held prisoner in the laboratory of MJ12 in New-York. This weapon was be phased into use first by the MJ12 special operations teams, then by selected elements of military and security organization over the world in the next month after the first prototype who was sent to the MJ12 laboratory in New-York. Contrary to the Hi-NRG plasma lance of 2020's, the overheating due to sustained operation was corrected.

Hi-NRG plasma lanceEdit


Gameplay articles: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Hi-NRG plasma lance is produced by Connaught, a pioneer in the field of energy weapons and the most advanced battlefield weapon of the 2020s. The weapon apparently loads its rounds automatically, and is only capable of a slow rate of fire without overheating the mechanism. One magazine of plasma can allot 20 shots. Although the weapon is somewhat inaccurate, in practice the large projectile cancels out the distance between shots. Sustained operation can also result in temporary shutdown due to overheating.

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