"The medbot can heal even the most serious injuries. It is programmed to attend to the wounds of anyone in its vicinity."
- loading screen description, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Piezochem A-V810 Medical bot is a type of medical bot in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


After the emergence of the new leader of the bots market Panzerwerks, its direct concurrent Piezochem, known for its new biological nanite canister, embarked on a different domain than the military and security bots produced by Panzerwerks and tried to create a next generation medical bot for replacing the Matsu-Gravas GV-4 Nightingale medical bot. The result was the Piezochem A-V810 Medical bot.


This medical bot can glide in a short distance and is always friendly (it only becomes hostile if you attack first but it will not hurt you). It can heal you, without action on your part, completely unlike the model seen in Deus Ex.


  • Seattle Tarsus Academy, in the hallway between the exit room and the main room search.
  • Order Church maintenance area in lower Seattle
  • Mako Ballistics Biolab
  • Nassif greenhouse in Cairo, in the hydroponics control system
  • Order Mosque in Cairo on the lower level
  • Black Gate Laboratory in Trier, in the containment area
  • VersaLife Antarctica base, in the room next to a greasel breeding area.


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