"Piezochem: there for life."
- Piezochem's motto

Piezochem is a multinational corporation established some time between 2052 and 2072. It's the direct competitor of Panzerwerks in the bot market.


The company was established to resuscitate service bot production after the old market dominators Page Industries, Chiang and Matsu-Gravas evaporated in the Collapse and the military and security bot production are owned by Panzerwerks.

Piezochem is a major competitor in the Post-Collapse medical care and service bot industries. At some point in 2072 Piezochem was planning to commercialize a new biological nanite with a new canister in partnership with ApostleCorp.

Known ProductsEdit



All new legal nano-augmentation in the commercial market in 2072 were created by ApostleCorp and are distributed by Piezochem. The Omar are responsible for all new illegal nano-augmentations.


  • The name, "Piezo Chem", literally translates to The Chemistry of Pressure or Stress. It likely comes from Piezoelectricity, or the minute amounts of power that are generated when mechanical stress occurs in certain materials. Although this form of generation is notably weak, Piezoelectric implants can build enough power through basic human activities, such as walking, to power simple machines such as flashlights or even the nanites of the 2070s.