Spoiler image A Criminal Past
Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past follow!
Spoiler image A Criminal Past

Peter Wörthmüller, also known as The Fixer or Wort, is an inmate at the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility in the year 2029. Before Thomas Stenger transferred him to the Pent House, Wörthmüller was a patient at Landon Hope NJ Secure Mental Health, a clinic located in New Jersey.[2] He is rumored to have been a doctor on the outside, and so he has been put to work helping in the prison infirmary.

Biography Edit

Wörthmüller is submissive and eager to do what people tell him, and as a result, he is easily taken advantage of. For example, at Flossy's request, he created experimental pills that counter the pain from augmentation suppression chips installed into prison inmates. He is secretly distributing these pills and offers them to anyone who asks. Also at Flossy's request, he created an altered biocell that additionally gives Praxis points to the user.

According to his case file, Wörthmüller has no formal medical training and simply believes himself to be a doctor. It also describes him as being "viciously submissive" and "at severe risk of exploitation by stronger personalities." Stenger suggested to the Pent House's warden that Wörthmüller be put to work in the infirmary, arguing that by separating him from the other inmates, he would be kept out of trouble.[3] However, Stenger's real purpose of keeping Wörthmüller around is to have him work as a surgeon for harvesting the augmentations of executed inmates, for benefit of Junkyard. Wörthmüller's original mental health facility has attempted to re-transfer him back, but Stenger has attempted to stall this effort.[2]

When first encountered in the prison yard, Wörthmüller will offer Adam Jensen one of his pills. Jensen can either take it, restoring the use of his augmentations, or refuse. Regardless of the choice made, Wörthmüller will offer him another pill when Jensen meets him again, this time in the infirmary. If Jensen refuses the pill a second time, Wörthmüller, insistent on helping him somehow, tells him about a secret tunnel that will take him to Solitary Confinement. The tunnel can be reached through the morgue and is part of the "The Primrose Path" Point of Interest.

Later, Jensen finds Hector Guerrero on the Pent House landing pad, holding Wörthmüller at gunpoint. Guerrero claims that Wörthmüller is evil and manipulative and that he must be put down. Jensen may resolve the situation peacefully or instead side with either Wörthmüller or Guerrero. If Wörthmüller survives the confrontation, Jensen is then given the choice to talk to him and decide his fate. He can choose to leave Wörthmüller on the landing pad or help him by bringing him along on the VTOL. Choosing either option unlocks the achievement Umlauts or no Umlauts.

Infirmary Shop Edit

Main article: Teddy (shop)

Wörthmüller runs a shop in the prison infirmary. The shop interface can be accessed by interacting with the plush fox toy, Teddy.

Notes Edit

  • Peter seemingly suffers from Delusional Companion Syndrome, Confabulation, and Dependent Personality Disorder.
  • Despite having no known medical or engineering education, he is shown to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled in pharmacology, chemistry, electrical engineering, and surgery. He demonstrates these through the creation of his "Fixer pill", modifying a biocell to include Praxis software, and being able to remove augmentations from cadavers without damaging them.



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