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Spoiler image A Criminal Past
Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - A Criminal Past follow!
Spoiler image A Criminal Past
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Peter Wörthmüller, also known as The Fixer or Wort, is an inmate at the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility in the year 2029. Before Thomas Stenger transferred him to the Pent House, Wörthmüller was a patient at Landon Hope NJ Secure Mental Health, a clinic located in New Jersey.[2] He is rumored to have been a doctor on the outside, and so he has been put to work helping in the prison infirmary.

Wörthmüller is submissive and eager to do what people tell him, and as a result, he is easily taken advantage of. For example, at Flossy's request, he created experimental pills to help counter the pain from augmentation suppression chips installed into prison inmates. He is secretly distributing these pills and offers them to anyone who asks. Also at Flossy's request, he created an "altered biocell" that additionally gives praxis points to the user.

Infirmary Shop Edit

Main article: Teddy (shop)

Wörthmüller runs a shop in the prison infirmary. The shop interface can be accessed by interacting with the plush fox toy, Teddy.



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