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Peter Chang is a hacker and a member of the Cybercrimes division at Task Force 29.

Biography Edit

Prior to joining Task Force 29, Chang made a name for himself as a "digital Robin Hood", using his hacking skills to secretly steal fortunes from various megacorporations and redistributing the wealth to those in need. Accepting a position at TF29 rather than face jail, Chang now applies his skills towards hunting cybercriminals and terrorist hackers, which allows him to continue accessing the technology he loves.[1]

Work with Task Force 29Edit

Chang, being ever suspicious that Janus could be getting inside information about TF29, is constantly changing codes and passwords and acts extremely paranoid to the point he does not seem to sleep much. This extreme (but not unfounded) paranoia is annoying everyone else, who are getting tired of having their codes changed.

Upon the player's first meeting with Chang, he will tell Jensen someone has hacked Praha Dovoz, the front company of TF29's base in Prague, and suspects someone is on to them. He will approach Jensen with a side-quest to find those responsible and stop them from blowing their cover. If Jensen succeeds, he will reveal to Chang that it was the work of the hacktivist news group Samizdat.

At certain points during Mankind Divided, Chang will hack Prague's train stations to give Jensen access to otherwise restricted areas, such as Růžička Station and Terminal Station, so that he can investigate them.

During the events of Desperate Measures, Chang will call Jensen back in with a new lead on the Růžička train station bombing, stating the footage of the incident has been tampered with. Following up on that lead will prompt Chang to direct Jensen to a Tarvos security center currently on lockdown, which Jensen will need to infiltrate to identify the train station bomber. After Jensen makes his way to the command center and interrogates Simon Whittaker for the information, Adam reports back to Chang. Jensen explains that Simon corrupted the footage to protect his sister Melissa. Her husband, Ivan Berk, had recently been recruited into ARC and carried out the bombing, but Jensen deduces he was probably just a pawn in all this who was easily influenced into it by the attack's true mastermind. If the player took a stealth approach, Chang commends Jensen for his quiet work, assuring that Tarvos has not reported anything there.

If Jensen talks to him later on in the main story, he will reveal he knows Jensen may have some connection to Janus because of all the poking around he's been doing on his co-workers' computers, but ultimately keeps quiet about it. However if Jensen doesn't hack any of his co-workers (not counting Black's computer), Chang will say Jensen is the only one he trusts.

Notes Edit

  • There is an e-mail on Chang's computer where a Benjamin Scott has been working on an intercepted communication they believe has ties to Janus from several years ago. If you played The Missing Link, you will recognize that it is a garbled version of the last line Janus said to Garvin Quinn as Jensen left Rifleman Bank Station.

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