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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

For the keypad codes, see Keycodes (DXMD).

This page contains passwords for computers and security terminals in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Passwords are often found:

  • on pocket secretaries on guards or in hidden areas,
  • in e-mails on other computers,
  • in the area near the computer (e.g. written on a sticky note or on the nearby wall).

If you have a password for a computer, it will be displayed on-screen when you access that computer, and you can type the password on the keyboard to bypass the hacking procedure.

Note: Inputting the password into a terminal grants you different amounts of XP depending on how high the security rating is. Hacking the terminal will also grant you XP, which could be a lower or higher amount depending on some factors.

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Location Password Terminal Type (Hacking Level)

Southern Prague Edit

Zelen Apartments, #41 thevoidwhichbinds Computer (3)
Zelen Apartments, #31 (Daria Myška's computer) starlight Computer (4)
Zelen Apartments, #23 (Teresa Petrauskas' computer) krodine Computer
Zelen Apartments, #22 (Bonbon's computer) DobraNoc Computer (3)
Koníčky & Hračky Toys factory 1980 Security Hub (1)
Church of the MachineGod's security terminals ascension Security Hub

Northern Prague Edit

Otar Botkoveli's casino, security hub otarminator Security Hub (2)
Registration Office near Monument Station samithedog Computer (1)
Hemingway's Fine Spirits terminal FURVENT6 Computer
Pharmacy, Dr. Nicholas Cipra's computer owningthedevil Computer (3)
Pilgrim Station's security terminal (only during martial law) AugBuster001 Security Hub (4)
Dvali Apartments #95, hidden security terminal ST33LB3AM5 Security Hub (3)
Radich Nikoladze's terminal vincam Computer (1)
Security terminals in Dvali Theater (except the one next to Nikoladze's office) strengthinunity Security Hub

Task Force 29 HQ Edit

Aria Argento's computer Tuscany2023 Computer (2)
Peter Chang's computer Aphasia5689 Computer
Duncan MacReady's computer Sharp007 Computer (2)
Vincent Black's computer Origami1970 Computer (2)
NSN computer JJKPOXZ774 Computer (1)
Dr. Delara Auzenne's computer AUZ1LU51AT1 Computer (5)
Ethan's computer FrakkingUpTheA Computer

Palisade Property Bank Edit

Security office computer on level 2 (lobby) KLMVP9951 Security Hub (2)
Security office on level 1 (Executive Safes) AKLVD6681 Security Hub (3)
Executive Safes A hidden office? P34T45WF Security Hub
Executive Safes B hidden office AKLVD6681 Security Hub (2)
Third floor security office clemenza Security Hub
VersaLife corporate vault 5896KLMO1BN Computer (2)
Picus Group corporate vault n3wsm4ker Computer (2)
Tarvos Security Services corporate vault LKMN01259KNML Computer (2)
Tai Yong Medical corporate vault GBNM45KLP53 Computer (2)

Růžička Station Edit

Růžička Station ticket booth terminal antares Computer (1)
Růžička Station security terminal DELLAROCCA Security Hub

Golem CityEdit

Location Password Terminal Type (Hacking Level)
ARC security hub in room 350420 vm451 Security Hub (3)
Kvido Barkus' computer (2nd level Ridit Station) ou812 Computer (3)
Viktor Marchenko's computer (Ridit Station, near turret) strmsrg Computer (5)
Marek Artim's computer (same room as Marchenko's) pozy45 Computer (4)

G.A.R.M. Edit

Location Password Terminal Type (Hacking Level)
Security terminal in the ice hallway between the hangars NanoSpika Security Hub (4)
Terminal WKS ID038 near the elevator to the helipad baconchipsdonut Computer (3)

London Edit

Location Password Terminal Type (Hacking Level)
Security terminal in reception hall arcturus Security Hub

System Rift DLCEdit

Location Password Terminal Type (Hacking Level)
Leona Rosolova's computer (on the third floor of the Palisade Blade) TrustNo1 Computer (3)
Masaaki Oshiro's computer after you "exit" the NSN masaaki

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