Panama City Tourism is an eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found in several places in Panama City:

  • on a seat inside the train station, near the exit to the Boardwalk,
  • on a bench in Downtown,
  • on a sofa upstairs in Hotel Etana.

Transcript Edit

Our capital city has been a favorite tourist spot for world travellers for decades. It offers fine dining, exemplary accomodations, and a thriving nightlife. Our boardwalk offers breathtaking views of the bay and is home to Nightshades, one of the hottest spots in Panama. Leave the kids at home, adults only!

In the downtown district, you can stay at the Hotel Etana, a world class, five-star hotel that is popular among the large number of multi-nationals traveling to our city.

Although Panama City is full of wonderful culture and is generally safe for travelers, there are areas that visitors should avoid. Be careful not to venture too far inland from the boardwalk or you may end up in the slums!

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