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Palisade Property Bank is the Prague headquarters of Palisade Bank Corporation. It is located in northwest Prague, in the Čistá district. While the Palisade Blades seen around the city serve as data-archiving facilities, the Palisade Property Bank features corporate vaults used to store valuable physical items.[1] The building is guarded by Tarvos Security Services.


The Palisade Property Bank was completed in 2024.[2] Palisade chose to open its doors in Prague since the Czech Republic had introduced laws which protected the privacy of corporations, allowing information and items stored in Palisade facilities to be free from government oversight.

Corporations and wealthy individuals pay to have their secrets stored with Palisade. This includes digital information stored on servers of the Palisade Blades, and physical objects stored in the executive safes and corporate vaults of the Palisade Property Bank. According to Palisade's marketing material, the Property Bank contains the world's best vault for any items and valuables that need the finest protection.[3]



Palisade is a vast building that extends high above ground as well as below it. Security is of the primary concern at Palisade, so only certain portions of the building can be accessed by the public. Parts of levels 1 and 2 are restricted, as well as the entirety of level 3. The corporate vaults, which are deep underground, can only be visited by those with a valid keycard for one of the vaults and only with an appointment.

In front of the building, there is a parking garage for employees. This area is also restricted.

Level 1Edit

Level 1 ("level 7" in the in-game map) is located directly under the ground floor. It is home to the Executive Safes A and B. There is also a security room and Executive Services room on this floor. This area can be accessed from Level 2 simply by going down the stairs, or alternatively there is a route from the sewers which leads to Executive Safes A. From the basement of the nearby Ludvik's Lounge, or through a door in Palisade's parking garage, there is a ladder which leads down to the sewers. It is recommended to have Remote Hacking if you wish to enter the building from this way. Remote hack to get rid of the toxic gas that fills the room, and climb onto the ledge on the far right hand corner. There is a weak wall in front of a dead body that can be punched through and leads to a server room inside the Executive Safes area.

Palisade executive safes A

Executive Safes A.

Executive Safes A and B are almost mirror images of each other. The safes have a number of security features that protect the contents of them. The easiest way to get into the safes is with the keycards, both of which can be found in hidden safes in two different offices. Keycard A is located in the Executive Services office, also on level 1. Press a button under the desk to reveal the safe, and use the code 6477 to open it. Keycard B is in the Account Managers office upstairs. This safe can also be revealed by pressing a button under the desk. By using the keycards on the respective doors, not only will it allow you entry into the room, but it also automatically shuts down all security features and raises the safes from within the ground.

If you do not have the keycards for the main doors, you will have to circumvent its security features. Lasers scan in between the safes while a security camera and turret search the room for intruders. The lasers can be deactivated via a keypad in one of the server rooms. Just below the turret, there is a wall that hides the entrance to an office behind it. A small block protrudes from this wall, and pressing it opens the office's door. In this office, there is a security computer and a safe. The code to open the safe in Executive Safes A is 1114 and for B is 1110. The computer in Safes B can be unlocked with the password AKLVD6681. The security computers in both offices allow you to turn off the camera and turret, and to open or close the main door. It is also the only way that you can extend the lockers that hold the safes from the ground without the keycards. The majority of the safes are unlocked and empty, but all of the locked ones hold items of value. The safes can be hacked or opened with the keycode if you have acquired it previously.

A security computer in level 1's security room allows you to open the doors to Safes A and B, and a vent in this room leads into Executive Safes B. In the Executive Services room, there is an elevator keycard that gives access to level 3, the restricted floor. The door to this room is unlockable with the code 9593.

Executive Safes A Contents:

Executive Safes B Contents:

  • B01 - 3 Credit Chips (random amounts, approx. 600-800 Credit symbol total) (keycode: 6641)
  • B04 - 2 Multi-tool, 1 Breach Software
  • B07 - Praxis Kit (keycode: 0310)

Level 2Edit

Palisade lobby

The lobby.

Level 2 ("level 8" in the in-game map) is the ground floor, and most of it is taken up by the lobby. A receptionist faces you when you enter the main doors, who will give you information about the bank. There are offices around the sides of this area, most of which are off-limits to visitors. These include the Account Manager and Security Supervisor offices, as well a security office and boardroom. The lobby has stairways or elevators to all other sections of the building. Some of these routes are blocked by security, however.

Level 3Edit

Level 3 ("level 9" in the in-game map) contains offices and rooms used solely by Palisade employees, and visitors are not permitted to visit them. Rooms include IT services, an Executive boardroom, employee lounge, and monitoring center. The office of Ashani Talwar (CEO) and Masaaki Oshiro (CTO) are also on this level.

There is a hidden room accessible from the CEO and CTO's shared office. To access it, one must solve a mechanical puzzle made of blocks in between the two desks. To do this, perform the following actions: raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise. Alternatively, you can simply blow open the sliding door (it takes a lot of firepower), or climb through the ventilation shaft located past the entryway leading towards the corporate vault basement elevator. Beware the Palisade minigun turret above.

Below Level 1 Edit

Palisade corporate vaults

The corporate vaults stored underneath Palisade.

The corporate vaults are located six floors below level 1. These vaults are used by companies such as VersaLife, Tai Yong Medical, Tarvos Security Services, and the Picus Group to hold corporate secrets. Three of the vaults can be broken into whenever the player is in Prague but for VersaLife, the player must choose one mission over another to break into it. 

The corporate vaults can still be accessed from the top of the area through the underground parking lot across from the bank. By disabling the spinning ventilation fans located immediately to left the left inside the parking lot's front enterance with EMP ammo then, crouching through the fans while it is temporarily inactive. A power switch to turn off the fan for good can be found on the otherside then the vaults can be accessed from above further in. A security laser grid panel can be found on a wall above the vaults as well, which can be hacked to turn off any lasers that are located in the area.

Corporate Vaults Edit

The vaults can be accessed two ways:

  1. During the main mission The Heist, all of the four vaults can be accessed via the elevator (assuming you encountered all the relevant key cards during the rest of the game) at the far end of the lobby area (level 2). Accessing the VersaLife vault is a required mission objective. After accessing the VersaLife vault, the other vaults can then be accessed.
  2. Three of the vaults (those belonging to Tai Yong Medical, Picus, and Tarvos) can be accessed through a ventilation shaft connected to fans in the underground car park. This entrance can be used at any time. In the parking garage of the Palisade Property Bank, there are a number of fans covered with a grating. A rectangular section of this grating can be opened on the far left fan. Behind it is a rotating fan that needs to be remote hacked, disabled with an emp charge (ammunition or grenade), or destroyed with explosives. On the other side of the fan is a level 5 door leading to the vaults. Once you're inside, you'll need nimble footwork, icarus landing, or a lot of health restoration items to actually get to the vaults.

Location of vault keycards Edit

The vaults can only be opened if you have the corresponding vault keycard.

  • VersaLife: The keycard can only be obtained during the main mission "the Heist." Therefore, this vault cannot be accessed if you choose to proceed with Confronting the Bomb-Maker instead of the Heist.
  • Picus Group: The keycard can be found in apartment 94 in the Libuse Apartments. Interacting with a camera (or the painting above the bed) in the bedroom reveals a safe with the keycard in it.
  • Tarvos Security Services: The keycard is locked in a safe in the basement of Sobchak Security.
  • Tai Yong Medical: The keycard can be acquired during the second visit to Prague. During the side mission The Mystery Augs, the keycard is located on the body of Vadim Orlov at Madame Photographe's apartment. Alternatively, if this side mission was cancelled due to non-completion of certain objectives, the keycard can be found in the safe box in the same apartment.

Vault Contents Edit

VersaLife Vault Edit

  • The eBook AJ09-0921 Patient X.
  • A pocket secretary with the password to the computer terminal. This password is 5896klmo1bn.
  • A level 1 safe, containing five Neuropozyne vials and the story item Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme.
  • A stack of refrigerated crates in the northwest corner of the vault, one of which contains the head and torso of a human being, who shares a striking resemblance with Adam Jensen. The features of the head and torso are visible through the obscured windows on the container. Smart-vision will show a general outline indicating presence of the head and torso.
  • Various images are displayed in the vault, including images of the space station Heaven, Rifleman Bank Station and what is likely the destroyed White Helix Labs.
  • Other items:

Picus Group Vault Edit

Tarvos Security Services Vault Edit

Tai Yong Medical Vault Edit

  • TESLA Cartridge (6 rounds), Typhoon Ammo (6 rounds), and Nanoblade Ammo (6 rounds).
  • A medical container with 2 biocells.
  • A safe containing a praxis kit and three Neuropozyne vials.
  • If SM04: The Calibrator was not completed, a neuroplasticity calibrator will also be located in the safe.
  • A computer accessible by the password gbnm45klp53. The password is found in a pocket secretary located in the vault.
  • Other items of interest include a Hyron drone suit, and schematics for one of Orlov's experimental augmentations, the Nanoblade.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

During Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there are two optional missions that require you to visit the Palisade Property Bank. The first is the side mission Samizdat, and the other is the main mission The Heist, which can be avoided if you chose to do Confronting the Bomb-Maker instead. This location is also relevant to the Point of Interest, Rich Man, Poor Aug.

VersaLife, who are using one of the corporate vaults to store items and information, decide to remove the entire contents of their vault and relocate it elsewhere. Account manager Tomas Romanek tries to persuade VersaLife to continue to use the banks services, but fails to convince them. The Juggernaut Collective learns that the vault contains information on the bioweapon known as the Orchid. They want their member Adam Jensen to break into Palisade and extract the information from the vault. Jensen has to choose between doing this and following a lead on Allison Staněk.

If Jensen visits the vault, Janus begins to sift through the information stored in it and finds any files that mention the Orchid. One of these is an audio file, and Jensen plays it. The recording is of a conversation between Bob Page, the CEO of VersaLife, and Megan Reed, a researcher for the company. Reed reveals that she is working on the Orchid project and has created a cure for its harmful effects, the neutralizing enzyme stored in the vault's safe.

During Martial Law, the bank will be closed, having put a gate down on its doors. However, it can still be entered through the maintenance room of the garage to find several SB-71 bots patrolling the floors.

Summary of Collectibles Edit

Palisade contains many items of value, including collectibles such as eBooks for the Tablet Collector achievement, praxis kits, Breach software, and scanable triangle codes. This is a list of these items:

  • the eBook, Bob Page - Anatomy of a Prodigy located on a bench on the left side of the lobby.
  • the eBook, Jus in Bello on a bench behind the reception desk.
  • the eBook, Palisade: Clients & Services in the Executive Services office.
  • the eBook, Palisade: Property & Data Protection in the secret room in the CEO's office.
  • the eBook, AJ09-0921 Patient X inside the VersaLife corporate vault.
  • a Praxis kit in the secret room in the CEO's office.
  • a Praxis kit in Executive Safes B, in the level 5 safe under the turret.
  • a Praxis kit in the Tai Yong Medical corporate vault.
  • Breach software in a safe in the hidden security office of Executive Safes A.
  • Breach software in safe B04 in Executive Safes B.
  • Breach software in the secret room in the CEO's office.
  • triangle code #20 in the CEO's office.
  • triangle code #19 in the Picus corporate vault.

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