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The Palisade Bank Corporation is a property bank founded in 2017, with headquarters in Prague.[1] It is a secure corporate archiving company, and is both the largest and most prestigious one in the world. The Palisade Bank's clients include enterprises such as Tai Yong Medical, Santeau Group, Picus Group, VersaLife, as well as private clients such as the British Royal Family, billionaires and world leaders.[2] Palisade use various methods to ensure their clients' information is secure: firewalls, encryption, biometric password encoding, automated defences inside the data storage facilities, and more.[3][4]

In Prague, Palisade use facilities know as the Palisade Blades to store data. Palisade Blades have become a symbol of the "new" Czech Republic's pro-corporate legislation. They allow the Palisade Bank Corporation to offer clients complete anonymity and freedom from any country's legal jurisdiction.[2]

In 2029, the company plans to expand to other areas of the Czech Republic for the first time since the Aug Incident. They will build additional data storage facilities in four other cities.[4]


Palisade Bank Corporation has a website, which is part of the marketing campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.



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