The Page Delta-2 Peacebringer is a type of security and patrol bot developed by Page Industries and appears in Deus Ex.


It is the largest, most powerful and most deadly security bot in the game. It fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds from two miniguns, and has two sets of rocket launchers. It is also the toughest of all the bots, at 600 HP and 200 EMP HP. It can say the following phrases: 'Scanning Area,' 'Target Acquired,' 'Target Lost,' and 'Ammunition Depleted.'

When on patrol, the bot walks along a fixed path, and stops at approximately every 10 yards to scan its surroundings for enemies, at which point it rotates its torso and says, 'Scanning Area.' Because of it size and capabilities, the Page Delta-2 Peacebringer is only used by the military and government organizations. It is a slow mover, and therefore an easy target under most circumstances. The smaller Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer bots often support Delta-2 Peacebringers with their increased speed and maneuverability.

Locations Edit

  • Battery Park (last visit), facing the subway entrance; hostile if not surrendering to UNATCO.
  • Liberty Island MJ12 HQ: patrolling outside the armory (2 bots).
  • Hong Kong, Tonnochi Road, watching the street from a side (police property).
  • Brooklyn Naval Shipyards, moving around the crane (3 bots).
  • Paris, Denfert Rochereau, unreacheable area (more hostile bots, but can't attack).
  • Paris, Champs Elysses, patrolling the street under martial law (3 bots).
  • Vandenberg, outside the base (2 bots, must be neutralyzed).
  • SoCal SeaWall, on shore.
  • Area 51, hangar.


  • The bot is simply tagged as "Military Bot" in-game.
  • The bot bears a resemblance to the ED-209 robot from the RoboCop film series. A newspaper story in Paris describes a Military Bot malfunctioning and shooting two innocents in a scenario similar to that depicted in RoboCop.


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